David Hotel Madrid

On the street just before getting to Casa Gala is Hotel Madrid. (507) 775-2051

NOTE: Verify all rates prior to check in. The rates quoted below are a best effort by me to get rates.

Their prices range from $18.70 for one person. $22.50 two persons and $34.10 for three persons. Internet charges are 75 cents per hour.

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10 thoughts on “David Hotel Madrid

  1. Hi Don Ray
    I’ve stayed several times at the hotel above the new casino (across from Super 99). Very inexpensive. Basic room with TV and air conditioning but only about $18. I can’t remember the name and there’s no sign out front but the entrance is on the side street. Can’t remember the name but it’s like some Vegas casino name. You should review it for your hotel archives. Thanks.
    Penny from Boquete

  2. Thanks for the comment Penny. I don’t guess I even knew they had a hotel there. I noticed today that there was a new entrance where there the SubWay restaurant used to be.

    Maybe I will stop in there one of these days.

  3. i stayed at hotel madrid last night with my wife and our three young children. the price was fifty dollars, that is the posted rate for three people. the room has four beds, 3 singles and 1 double. a/c, phone, and t.v. in room. internet room downstairs for .75/hour. very clean and comfortable. friendly staff.

  4. hi, Don Ray. I was surprise to see you in here.
    I always used Hotel madrid for my groups of Puerto Rico an USA.


  5. I am looking for a nice little hotel in Panama city near the financial center.

    Does anyone have any recommendations? I would like to spend under 100.00 per night.



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