David Hotel Iberia

Ok, here we are at Hotel Iberia. I have eaten at their restaurant many times. I like the Cuban sandwich.

Here is the hotels brochure.

NOTE: Verify all rates prior to check in. The rates quoted below are a best effort by me to get rates.

The prices here are $27,30, $33.00, and $41.80.

Note that Hotel Iberia has opened a second hotel, which is around the corner and down the street. It is called Hotel Iberia Sur.

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25 thoughts on “David Hotel Iberia

  1. Hola – Our residency expert just recommended Hotel Iberia at $22 a night with internet… I’m checking it out now, but this post came up first when I went to look for their website. Pura vida,

  2. The price is cheaper than they quoted me when I asked. If you get it you might leave another comment and if you use them, let me know how you liked them.

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

  3. Your efforts are appreciated for sure. I am desperate to find a hotel in David with an ELEVATOR!! I will be having surgery and need a place to stay for a few days and need an elevator. Have you found any yet? Thanks!

  4. Don,
    I recently visited Panama.  When in the military I was stationed there in the early ’80s.   Panama is a lovely country as well the people especially those from the Chiriqui province…they are personable.  I continue to visit the country each opportunity I can.  On my recent visit I stayed at the Hotel Iberia.  Although the staff is very attentive I was surprised at the meager amenities.  To that end there were no face/wash towels available in the room, only a body towel, and when inquiring I was told there were none available to prevent patrons from stealing.  Needless to say I had to purchase a set.  Further, on my departure day I went downstairs to have breakfast and the towel I used after bathing was removed from the room.  When I inquired why I was informed the reason was to gather all towels early in the morning to send to the laundry but I was not offered another towel to use.  Nor was this the case the previous days I was staying at the hotel.  My friend, who is Panamanian, and I felt as though we were being viewed as common thieves.  The hotel uses simple towels which can be purchased at any WalMart location…nothing to write home about or take from the premises.  Otherwise my visit to the Chiriqui region was fabulous.

    Karl Merritt

  5. Estimados Compañeros : Mi nombre es Laura Rodriguez soy de Costa Rica , hace 2 años estuve en su hotel, debido a que fui invitada por Universidad de Chiriquí a un taller de capacitación. Quedamos muy contentos ya que la atención fue muy buena. Quisiera hacerles la siguiente consulta: A principios de diciembre de este año un grupo de la Universidad de Costa Rica de aproximadamente 23 personas, estaremos por la zona de David. Estamos cotizando hospedaje, y quisieramos saber las tarifas que ustedes ofrecen. Seria para 4 noches , las personas se podrian ubicar en habitaciones de 3 ó 2 personas. Por el motivo de ser estudiantes , nos gustaria optar por las tarifas mas comodas.Espero su respuesta
    Laura Rodriguez Solano. Universidad de Costa Rica

  6. Buenas noches

    Quisiera saber si tienen campo para el 20/12/08 al 21/12/08, saliendo el día 22, serian 2 habiaciones con dos camas matrimoniales.

    agradezco su pronta respuesta

  7. Don Ray, I appreciate your effort informing the people about the accommodation possibilities, prices and features. In December, last year, I was looking for a hotel near David down town and was difficult to me to find something because there were not vacancies until I found your web page. I made a couple calls and finally I found accommodation in The Iberia Hotel. People were very nice and friendly, hotel is very clean, also they gave me a map that I needed it.


  8. hola Sr Ray me gustaria saber su opinión,entre el Iberia y el Castilla cual es mejor? gracias

  9. He estado en ninguna de las dos. Me han dicho que son a la vez son buenas. Castilla está más cerca del centro de la ciudad, pero nada de David es muy lejos.

  10. hola Don Ray gracias por contestarme. Ya reservé en Iberia, me dieron una habitación de B/35 la noche, me gustaria saber si las fotos que aparcen aqui son recientes o sea si asi esta el hotel ahora. Muy buena su web, me ha servido de mucho ,estuve buscando en internet y no encontraba información hasta que lo encontré a Usted muy amable

  11. Por favor indicarme si este hotel tiene wi fi en las habitaciones, gracias.

  12. Aqui lei a una persona quejandose de la toalla para la cara. En nuestro pais nosotros no usamos toallas especiales para la cara, es la misma que usamos para el bano. No entiendo porque muchos de los extranjeros se quejan pero si es que estan en “otro pais” con diferentes culturas. Debemos respetar y ver lo bueno de cada uno. Otra cosa, muchos se quejan de que no se habla ingles, pero si uno va a sus paises “si tenemos que hablar ingles” entonces por lo menos cuando vengan tengan un espanol basico para que no esten en problemas. Los hoteles en David, todos son buenos segun he escuchado.

  13. Don Ray. Good morning. I live with my husband in England and love to read everything about my beautiful Chiriqui, he likes this blog. Your blog is fantastic because is easy for him to find all he wants to know. By the way …did you read my question asking if you know about the “Villas proyect Flores de Natalia? what do you think? we are planning moving in a couple years and need to buy a property.

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