David Hotel Alcalá

This is Hotel Alcalá.

This nice lady gave me all the information.

NOTE: Verify all rates prior to check in. The rates quoted below are a best effort by me to get rates.

The price as of October 2009 are as follows:

This hotel has Wifi for Internet.

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  1. One person wrote and said that this hotel does have Internet for $1.00 an hour. If anyone finds out for sure , leave a comment.

  2. We have stayed here several times the rooms are clean and the restaurant is very good. The only problem with this hotel is if you have problems with stairs there is no elevator.

  3. I have stayed at this hotel twice. The rooms are clean and comfortable, the restaurant is very good.

    They do have internet $1.00 for 45 minutes, $1.25 for an hour.

  4. Recommend asking for a room on the backside of the hotel to keep down on noise from the street. If you want to call a cell phone from the hotel, they are happy to charge $1.00/minute. Other than that, it’s in easy walking distance to the bus station and we haven’t any bad experience there in 3 separate stays.

  5. Thanks for leaving a comment Drew. You point out an important point that may not be apparent to visitors to Panama. The owner of a cell phone does not get charged for calls that he receives. The fee for both ends of the call goes to the originating party. I am not saying that $1.00 is reasonable, but it is not free to the hotel. It would have been nice if they had made you aware of that up front, but there is probably a similar policy in all hotels.

  6. Saludos soy de Costa Rica, quisiera recibir información sobre hospedaje en habitanción triple y cuadruple en marzo especificamente en los dìas de la feria, incluir desayuno. Es un grupo de 25 personas. Le agradecería hacerme llegar la informacion lo antes posible.

  7. Say there all the time as I am building a home in Las Olas, Best Buy around, great Staff, Decent, reasonable food. I am 62 and stairs do not bother me. Get in Shape!

  8. Hi Myrl. Thanks for stopping in . Thanks also for the encouragement on exercise. Personally, I get enough things to see walking around David that I don’t need exercise going up and down stairs, but I am glad you enjoy it.

    17 AL 21 DE MARZO

  10. Lo siento, pero usted tendrá que contactarse con the Hotel Alcaldá usando la información puesta de arriba. Esta página web no es relacionada con el hotel.

  11. hola, me gustaria saber cuanto cuesta una habitacion para 3 personas y si hay espacio para el miercoles 11 de julio 2007 espero sus respuestas gracias!

  12. Hello.
    I am trying to get a reservation for the Alcala Hotel from March 31 to April 3, 2008, but keep reaching a disconnected number. Help!
    I have stayed there many times before and find it clean, comfortable, friendly and reasonable.
    John Sullivan

  13. Hi John,

    I tried to look up the numbers in the 2007-2008 phone book and they are the same as the business card that is in the post. One of these days, I will try to go by all of the hotels and get new business cards.

  14. Hi John,
    I have stayed at Alcala a few times. Rates went up a few dollars, I think it was $27 for us both. The internet was a $1 an hour on their machine, and you can save unused time for the next log-in. I found unsecured WIFI in my room, but it wasn’t Alcala’s. I lived there while I was opening my company and searching apartments. Great food and nice bar downstairs, I liked it!
    I don’t thnk the numbers changed, my current card from October has the same numbers as the one you have posted.

  15. Hello Don

    Just to update you on the Alcala. We stayed one night on Feb. 14th. There is WIFI available now in the rooms – ask for the password at the desk. I am not sure if the room rate was for pensionado because my partner gave his pensionado / residency card and they charged $33 so whether this is discounted or not I do not know.


  16. hola q tal necesito informacion del costo de las habitaciones ya sean individual, doble y triple el costo de cada una. Quiciera tener la informacion lo mas anta posible a mas tardar antes del 15 de octubre del 2009. mi mail es ermoca21@hotmail.com

  17. I need to know if the tallest man on earth is taller than the man in upside picture. I didn’t know there are sooo tall people in Panama.

  18. Hi Edward/ I assume you are talking about the man in the top of the blog. It is an optical illusion. I would bet he is less than 6 feet tall.

  19. Hi Don.Your webpage is perfect for first time visitors to panama. I have one problem-i do not speak spanish at all unfortunately. Do they speak english in this hotel? We are for adults and I am not sure what tarifa base,tarifa corporativa, jubilando 30% and jubilando 50 % mean… 108 USD is the price we will pay for the room one night. Am I correct?Sorry for stupid questions but this hotel looks great. Thank you.

  20. The jubilado rates are only for residents of Panama. The 108 rate is for 4 people I believe.
    All of the hotels should have someone that can speak English. I think they probably beat the tarifa base. I also do not know what the corporativa rate is.

    I know a recent family that went there and think they paid less than $60 for three people.

  21. Hi Don.
    Thank you for your quick reply. For you and for all visitors of this webpage I have found out what does the Tarifa corporativa mean.The corporative rate applies for guests coming from companies or government institutions both panamanian and from abroad. I hope that it is clear now not only for me. I will be in David in November and for sure I will write a comment on the hotel where I will stay.

  22. hello id like to know how do i contact the hotel because ive tried to reach them by phote but it appears to be disconnected or something…ive also tried via email but i havent got an answer yet and im really looking forward to stay there…could you please help me? i would really appreciate it!


  24. Gracias, quisiera saber cuanto vale el hospedaje para dos adultos y un niño de 12 años. La idea es llegar el 29 de Noviembre y pasar una noche.

  25. I always stayed in the Alcala during 2010 (before I moved to David). I used their free WiFi service. I usually paid $ 29 for a double-bed. There was a room with internet……I believe it was$ 1 per hour.

    back in Southern Italy

  26. Would it be difficult to find a person/family that would rent a room while I look into David and Boquete? I am a 61 yr. old female nurse that is interested in both cities. Since I do not speak spanish yet, it seems to be the easiest way to learn about the area and the people.
    This website has helped me so much! Thank you! I regret not knowing more about Don/the author, as he/you has done such an exceptional job on everything he has posted. Methinks he loves talking about his family more than himself, but I am sure any of the readers would love hearing more about Don.

    I guess the original blog told why he/you moved? I dont even know why most Americans that moved to Panama ended up there! I am expecting the U.S. economy to crash, that is why I am investigating new places.

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