A Gentle Touch

By Don Ray Williams
June 25, 2006

Sometimes life just calls for a gentle touch,
It’s really easy and doesn’t require much.

Just a tender caress on the back of her neck,
Or perhaps brush her cheek, and give it a peck.

Rub her shoulders, if you know she’s tense,
Tell her what she adds to your life, take a chance.

Look deep in her eyes and drink her in.
There’s no better time to tell her you love her and then,

Draw her close and hold her tight,
Tell her when you’re with her the whole world seems right.

Then lie quiet, hold her, and just feel her breath,
Enjoy the moment and conceive,

What life without her would be,
Tell her how clearly that emptiness you see.

In terms of effort, this won’t take much,
But she will appreciate your gentle touch.

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