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Furniture City has been open for some time now. I have intended several times to take some photos, and never seemed to have the time or the camera. Since I was needing a rest from my walk from Elmac, I decided to stop in and take a breather and some photos at the same time. It was hot out today and the cool of the store was what I needed.

I didn’t take enough photos to really do the store justice, but I think you will get an idea of what they carry. This store carries (in my opinion) a higher quality furniture line than is available in other stores in David.

Here is a bedroom suit. It is made in Indonisia and the wood is very pretty.

This shot covers most of the main floor. They have some leather couches that I really like.

Here is a dining room set.

They have had some other furniture that I have seen that was really pretty, but it wasn’t in the store now. I guess it had been sold and hasn’t been reordered.

If you stop in, tell them you read about them on Chiriqui Chatter and give my regards to Patricia Espinoza.

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  1. Don, I agree that the furniture is high quality, but I recently had problems there. In Oct. 2006, I bought a house-full of furniture after I found out they will store it for you free for up to 6 months. When the house was ready, I asked for it to be delivered. All of it arrived but a painting and coffee table/end tables. I was told that the painting was damaged as well as the tables, and they would ship replacements from PC. Well, that was over a month ago. Since that time, I was told that the tables were no longer available, then finally, the salesperson told me that another salesman had sold my tables. I then picked out another set in the showroom, and asked for it to be delivered the next day. When it didn’t come, I called and was told that a salesman had promised a “big” client that the tables were being held for him to look at. There was a sales sign on them, there was no indication that they were being held. In frustration, I asked for a refund this past Monday. I was told the check would arrive either Wednesday or Thursday. Today is Friday, and after many calls to the store in David, and the store in PC, it was determined that no request was made for the check.
    Now, it’s supposed to be here tomorrow…we’ll see. BTW, I spoke with a manager named Janice Arauz.

  2. After my post about Furniture City in David, a kind person emailed me the name and phone number of the owner. I called Mr. Harvey Striem (the owner) and he was very, very nice. He explained to me that the computer system had recently been revamped to eliminate double selling an item, and actually, I had been in the store at the time that was going on, I just didn’t know it. After explaining to him all that had gone on, he called the store in David and lo and behold I got the second set of tables that I had picked. Mr. Striem informed me that if I ever had any problems with anything at all that he would welcome a call. I went down today and picked up the tables. As always, everyone there was polite and helpful. Even when all this had been going on, they were never anything but nice.

    So, everyone deserves a second chance, and I will continue to shop from this store. Everything was resolved to my satisfaction.


  3. I have read with great interest the several comments about Furniture.

    I purchased an entire 7 room residence of upholstered furniture and case goods from Furniture City, plus blinds, mattresses, accessories, area rugs, etc. I spent more than ten thousand dollars over a 4 month period.

    My series of experiences were positively remarkable.

    I was treated with kindness and respect at all times. Whenever I wanted more definitive answers that might not have been then available to a new sales person [because, at that time, all sales staff was ‘new’ and, thus, of limited experience], I would rely upon advice, counsel, and assistance from the store manager, Janice, a proficient English speaker with a lovely personality equal to her lovely appearance. To me, Janice is a true professional, an excellent manager, and is especially service oriented toward FC’s customers. She is a skilled problem solver.

    I have also required post sale service for a wooden blind that my domestic broke. My service experience was positive and relatively prompt, keeping in mind that the distributor for the replacement slats was located in Colon..We should all remember that time delays here are often cultural in origin and, accordingly, nothing adverse about delivery delays, etc. should be imputed to Janice’s operations at Furniture City.

    One must also recall the furniture situation in Chiriqui prior to the opening of Furniture City. At that time selection was very limited and generally restricted to Chinese upholstered or case goods imports which, for me, were too ornate; or to typical Panamanian style diminutive sofas/chairs that, in my opinion, sit
    too close to the floor, reminding me of children’s playhouse furniture.

    As an aside: well after the final sale to me, I needed to hire an English speaking administrative assistant. Janice located 3 competent persons for me to interview which she arranged to occur at her store because occupancy of my new condo then under construction was seriously delayed. This was typical of Janice’s commitment to excellent customer service beyond the sale.

    Storage of purchased furniture was as agreed and I had no delivery issues whatsoever. The delivery/in-home set up men were as professional as I have ever encountered.

    Furniture City has my loyalty. I would never consider any future purchases elsewhere.

    My purpose for this posting is to offset the negative postings by some genuinely positive comments in the event that a forum reader might be dissuaded from using Furniture City in the future, erroneously believing that the adverse remarks posted in this forum were universally indicative of the quality of the store’s overall performance. My suspicion is that these reported problem instances may have been exceptions to the general modus operandi of Furniture City’s branch store in David.

    Believing that local residents should, whenever reasonably possible, use the services of local merchants, I feel a duty to anecdotally present my point of view regarding many, many items purchased there over a multi-month period. Also, never once did I feel any hint of any sales pressure to immediately make any purchase.


    Fr. Basil Banyasz


  4. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. While I haven’t purchased anything at Furniture City, I believe them to be the only place to buy comfortable sofas. Much of the Panamanian furniture is like sitting on a rock. I have my eyes on some pieces I would like it the situation presents itself.

  5. Is it ok/ encouraged to do some haggling? Or are prices marked as priced and fixed? New to town and still getting my sea legs for when to “regatear” and when not to. Thanks.

  6. Hi Don, Don’t know if you remember me, but you were so kind as to spend a full day with my husband and myself showing us around the David area year and half ago. We recently purchased a small Panamanian house to headquarter before finding permanent home site. I was excited to read about Furniture City as I have to furnish our little casa. My daughter and I are coming back in May to accomplish this, good to know I have another option. Thanks.

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