ELMEC Comes To David

One of the large stores in Panama City for house bathroom fixtures, showers, kitchen sinks, etc. opened its doors about 15 days ago in David. I stopped in today and took some photos.

Need a steam room? They have you covered.

How about a shower enclosure with tons of jets?

This one even has a remote. I understand you can push a button on the remote and a beautiful blond will come wash your back. Make sure you ask for that option.

More shower choices.

Need floor tiles?

They have a lot of decorative washbasins.

Here is some bathroom and kitchen sink hardware.

I really liked this decorative barbeque.

A sweet young lady named Cindy Caballero gave me the tour through ELMEC. If you need some items that ELMEC carries, stop in and tell Cindy I sent my regards.

6 thoughts on “ELMEC Comes To David

  1. Hi Don Ray,
    Looks like you had a very full day yesterday…you must be feeling MUCH better.
    Husband and I were in Elmec and were ably assisted by Cindy. Overall, we thought the store and presentation were beautiful, but the prices are very high – discounts offered only on very large purchases. The shower stalls, shower heads, etc. you profiled are also available at a store called ARC Mandarin (across from the Lotteria office) – discounts are the rule at ARC, not the exception.

  2. Thanks for the comment Linda.

    There you have it Chiriqui Chatter readers – a shopping information update from the David Shopping Diva herself!

  3. Looks nice . . . but they have virtually nothing in stock. They display stuff and then say they no longer carry it. They ordered a kitchen sink for us, took a deposit 6 months ago saying it would take 4 months to arrive. OUR sink arrived and they sold it to someone else without ever trying to contact us, THEN they wanted to charge us MORE for the same sink because their cost had gone up, but they had another one like the sink we had under deposit . . . then it turned out that wasn’t the same sink. We could take it . . . or wait another 4 months while they ordered heaven knows what! What a nightmare to deal with. Only in Panama!

  4. Hi Richard. Thanks for sharing your experience. One problem with all stores in Panama is if it isn’t in stock them may never get it again.

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