In Search of Zapadora

I give credit for this find to Hal at the BOOKMARK. When I was there the other day he said I needed to drive to Potrerillos and take a look at a new place that had opened that carried a lot of antique items.

Knowing no more than that, I decided Sunday I would set out in search of Zapadora. Sounds like it could be the title of a good book. Prepare yourself. You are in for a real treat. I didn’t realize that I was going to be surrounding myself with antique decorative house items from Egypt.

I’ll let Zapadora give its own introduction and directions on how to get there via its brochure.

Zapadora 1

Zapadora 2

Zapadora 3

Zapadora 4

The date you want to record is July 1, 2006. There is going to be a grand opening fiesta at The Zapadora. You will get to meet Dianne, Tom and if you are really lucky you will get to meet Antonio.

Ready for a little tour? The previous inserts from the The Zapadora Brochure provided you the directions on how to here, so I’ll just park the car and you can follow me in.

If you have been up this way before, the first thing you will notice is that an old shabby building has been transformed into one that is very inviting.

Here are the normal business hours. The brochure says that the hours are Thursday through Sunday.

The items you are going to see are brought here from Egypt. Many people from Panama City are coming here to get items to fix up their new home in paradise in Casco Antiguo.

Dianne gave me a tour and I believe that Zapadora is going to provide a real boost to the community. The building is quite large and in the future you can expect to see several shops carrying different items, both local and from other foreign countries other than Egypt.

The first place that Dianne showed me was an auditorium, which can be used for community meetings, theatrical performances and other events. Maybe they can convince the Bonlac Dancers to come up and perform.

Realize that this project hasn’t been going on long and Dianne said they were rushing to make the July 1 opening. Course you can drop in before that. Tell Dianne you heard about Zapadora from Chiriqui Chatter and I sent you.

Moving on to the photo tour.

Need some bar stools that won’t be like anyone else’s? Here they are.

Now I wish I had seen this next item sooner. Last Monday I accidentally heard two women talking and one was telling the other that she had just gotten new knockers and her husband hadn’t even seemed to notice. Shoot, if I see her again I can tell her she can go to Zapadora and get some. Then she can tell her husband to look at her new knockers and that they came from Egypt and he better give them the respect they deserve.

Knockers from Egypt

Here are some things for your wall.

Here are some unique hanging light fixtures.

Boy would I love to have these pieces. Better yet I would love to have a place to put them.

They have plenty Pharaoh doors. These are what you need if you are tall as Shaquille O’Neal.

Lots of metal grill work.

I liked this lamp and the room partition.

How about some antique floor tile?

Or some carriage lamps?

Or a whatchumacallit?

Let me introduce you to Antonio (Hope I remembered his name correctly).

There is an interesting story associated with him. He lives somewhere across the road. When Dianne and Tom started this project, he started showing up and adopted Dianne and Tom.

Dianne would ask him if he wouldn’t be happier out playing with his friends. He would say “No” that he would really rather be there and would like to have a job.

When Dianne asked why, he said he needed money so he could buy a cell phone. Now, this raised Dianne’s curiosity and she proceeded to ask why he would want a cell phone. He said you had to have a cell phone if you expect to get a girlfriend. Well, he has earned enough money and has already made that purchase. Probably the next thing he will have to do is buy his girlfriend a phone too. Right now he calls Dianne.

Make sure if you see Antonio, you tell him you saw him on the Internet. He will bestow you with the biggest smile you ever saw.

I have to tell you, I looked all over for some Egyptian plumbing supplies. When I was back in college (during the time of Charlie’s Angles and The Million Dollar man), I had a roommate that was working on a degree in Egyptian plumbing. He was one of the first Pharaoh Faucet Majors. Actually when Farrah Fawcett married Lee Majors she became the first.

That is all of photo tour of Zapadora. The Chiriqui Chatter Photo Album has some photos that are not in this post.

Continuing a little further down the road you will come on the Citrocos S.A orange juice production plant. If you see this before you see Zapadora, you have gone too far and need to go back.

Further down the road, I captured a photo of a small community church.

When the road turned into more and more of the following photo, I turned around and headed for home. Hope you enjoyed the drive on my search of Zapadora. Comments are always welcome.

10 thoughts on “In Search of Zapadora

  1. I enjoy your website. It’s folksy, informative, photographic. I’ve considered moving to Panama but I’m afraid I won’t like the place. Living in Hawaii spoils one. I live on “the Big Island” on an acre and a half with fruit trees. No snakes, year-round near-perfect weather, no bars on the windows, people don’t burn stuff or blast you with boomboxes, etc. Still, it’s expensive and there’s no “culture” to speak of. I’d like to live on an island small enough that I could walk everywhere and take a ferry to the mainland when necessary.
    Know of any such place?

  2. Panama is not going to compete with Hawaii in many ways. But it does have the cost of living advantage going for it. If you want everything you have in the “Big Island” with Panamanian prices, I am afraid you are going to have to continue your search.

    Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment.

  3. Nice stuff. I’m not particularly fond of metal work, being a wood girl, myself. I do like that room divider. Which gives me an idea that I could make one. Thanks for the inspiration (whether I do make one, or not).

  4. we will be back for a visit in July and I can’t wait to go to this shop. Amazingly we had an almost identical egyptian lamp (with the hanging clusters)in our shop here in Oklahoma. Willing to bet the prices are higher than what we can sell for in this depressed area. It’s a small small world indeed. Thanks for the peek into your world!

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