Lashback At Spam

I have literally quit having to deal with spam in my email inbox. I don’t remember where I read about a product called Lashback, but I downloaded it and installed it. It is a product that attempts to unsubscribe you from the spammers list. It also knows from your usage all people that are considered safe.

I would say after using it for over a month now that it is capturing over 85% of my spam messages without my having to look at them. The other 15% get deleted when I look at them and then hit the Lashback icon on Outlook. The longer I use it, a smaller percentage of spam hits my inbox.

It does require a POP email address for it to provide its service and you have to be using Outlook or Outlook Express. If you are a hotmail or Yahoo email user, you are out of luck. However, if you use gmail, you can record the POP information in Outlook and be covered.

At the end of each day, I look at the Spam folder in Outlook and see if Lashback has caught any email message that really isn’t spam. If it has, I hit the “Add To Safe list” icon and that email is placed in my inbox.

Need some spam assistance with your email? If yes, give Lashback a try. It is free, so the price is right.

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