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The Top 10 Automotive Sales In Panama from January To May 2006

1. Toyota Yaris Sedan -+-+-+-+-+- 991 units
2. Toyota Hilux-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- 702 units
3. Nissan Frontier-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- 563 units
4. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado -+-+- 517 units
5. Mitsubishi Lancer-+-+-+-+-+-+- 488 units
6. Nissan Sentra B13 -+-+-+-+-+- 460 units
7. Toyota Corolla-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- 413 units
8. Nissan Almera-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- 412 units
9. Hyundai Tucson -+-+-+-+-+-+- 350 units
10. Toyota Rav 4 -+-+-+-+-+-+-+- 322 units

This will give you an idea of amount of new car sales in Panama. Of the top 10 only one was not Japanese and that was the Hyundai Tucson. The Yaris is one that you will see a lot of being used as a Taxi.

Does Anyone Fly Kites Anymore?

I just watched a program on TV and two boys were out flying a kite. It made me think that I have not seen anyone fly a kite for a long time. Does anyone fly kites today?

This may be one of the lost arts that have died as the result of video games and the PC and the Internet. I wonder. I bet one of these days you won’t be able to tell someone to go fly a kite, because they wouldn’t know what you meant.

Is My Life Just A Country And Western Song

By Don Ray Williams
June 27, 2006

Sometimes I get to wonderin after something I thought was right went wrong,
Is this really my life I’m livin or is this some country and western song?

Like the night I know I went to bed with a Venice de Milo, I really had quite a find,
And in morning I was lookin at some hag without arms,
Guess tequila can really play with your mind.

Why do things go like they do, when I try so hard just to get along?
Is this really my life I’m livin or is this some country and western song?

I remember that beauty that said she would love forever and she’d always be my honey,
Guess she thought it would take a lot longer for her to be able to spend all my money.

Yes, I can’t help but think when the radios playin and I’m singin along,
Is this really my life I’m livin or is this some country and western song?

I mean, as I listen I always relate to those sad tales on the radio, that I hear,
It makes me want to go out and drown my sorrows,
Just like the singers, in tubs whisky and beer.

Seems like there is always someone lyin or cheatin,
And I’m like them, feelin like somebody done me wrong,
Is this really my life I’m livin or is this some country and western song?

Can’t count the times I’ve heard that some days are diamonds and others are coal,
I’m tellin you, I am ready for some diamond days, cuz these coal days are gettin old.

Yes, it has me wondering if things are tellin me that I really no longer belong.
But, is this really my life I’m livin or is this some country and western song?

Phishing Moves to Vishing

I have been meaning to write up something related to the many Phishing expeditions that have been hitting me lately related to PayPal. They have been pretty sophisticated and the sites look very official if you go to them.

But being a very well practiced in the art of putting things off, I just haven’t gotten around to it. Today on my rounds of some of my computer magazine reading, I noticed an article in PC Mag, titled “Security Watch: The Vish Are Biting”.

This article covers the PayPal emails I have been getting as well as a new form of phishing called vishing (phishing using voice and actual telephone numbers).

If you aren’t acquainted with the term phishing, you should read it before you act on emails telling you that you have an account of any kind that needs attention.

Tarzan on Broadway

I just watched Phil Collins on the Early Show on this morning. He gave a snapshot of the new Broadway show that he has written the songs for. Several were performed. Wish I could see the whole production.

I was surprised to learn that he got a big push into music by performing the Artful Dodger in Oliver when he was 14.

I had forgotten to add Phil Collins to my Pandora play list. Guess I will do that now. It is time to turn the TV off and listen to music.