Do You Need Your Ears Lowered

When my dad used to take me to get a haircut, he would always tell me that it was time to get my ears lowered. Today I decided that it was that time again.

Lately I have started going to Yanie’s Salón. I think she does a good job and for $2.00 I haven’t found better. The first place I was recommended to, in David, charged me $5.00. That was obviously not the charge for the locals. I found a second place that was all right and she charged $3.00. Then Yanie was recommended and I think I will just stick with her.

If you are in David and need your ears lowered, give Yanie a try. Her salon is on the block just past the bus terminal close to Bambol. Tell her you saw her on the Internet.

6 thoughts on “Do You Need Your Ears Lowered

  1. Hi Don,
    if my barber was as cute as yours I wouldn’t have any hair left because I would be in there so often!!!! Woops I forgot I don’t have any hair anyway.

  2. Hi Don Ray,
    I’m sure you look fa-a-abulous! My husband and I have been going to Yanie for quite some time and have always been happy with the results; her prices are excellent. As for cute, I’ll have to ask my husband…

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