Instituto Guadalupano De Boquete

Sunday I took a drive up to Boquete. I have done this many times and many times I have noticed a school that is about 6 kilometers before you get to Boquete. This time I stopped and took its photo.

I understand that this school is a bilingual school that begins with kindergarten and continues through the secondary grades. I think I understand that several of the early grades are bilingual and each year from now on the next grade is planed on being bilingual as well.

I guess if you are in Boquete and are in need of a bilingual school, this school may be important to you.

6 thoughts on “Instituto Guadalupano De Boquete

  1. I’m trying to find out when the school has a vacation break in August. I know they just started a new school year in March. I plan to go to Panama to take care of some things after my son gets out of school in June. We were in Boquete for a month mid November to mid December and he made some friends there. I was thinking to go back when these kids are out for a break which I think comes in August.

  2. I just asked and was told that the public schools would be off the first week and the private schools would be off the first two weeks. I hope that is correct and helps.

  3. Please, could someone give me the school’s information like website, fax # or email address. Thank you!

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