Spammers Are Stronger Than A Blue Frog

My spam level on this blog has tripled in the last two days. I would think this unusual, if I hadn’t learned of the death of Blue Security at the hands of major spammers in Russia from Epiac’s Website.

If you use hotmail, yahoo mail, etc. or you happen to run a blog, you have to be annoyed with the way that spammers have taken control of the Internet. These criminals fill email inboxes with garbage everyday.

Bloggers have a different type of problem. The spammers send comments to blogs containing URLs that point to whatever trash they are peddling. Typically they try to leave comments on older posts so the blog author may not detect them

That is the reason I have my blog set to review all comments. While WordPress comes with a very effective spam filter, every once in a while some can slip through.

A small company in Israel, Blue Security, had developed an effective weapon (aka – Blue Frog), against spam for users of hotmail and yahoo mail accounts. In fact it was effective enough that the spammers set out to squash the Blue Frog.

Yesterdays post by Epiac gave the news that the Blue Frog was dead. I can see a direct effect of there no longer being Blue Security on the Internet. As I said my spam traffic has tripled in two days. Now you may say, why do you care because you say that WordPress’s software captures your spam and it never sees the light of day? I care because of my wasted bandwidth that is being consumed by spammers.

Unless a company with deep pockets, such as Microsoft, takes up the battle with the mission to eliminate the spammers and not just produce another moneymaking product (Blue Frog was free). The Internet will continue to be controlled by the spammers. If you think that the spammers are not in control, tell that to the major blogging hosts that were shut down for many hours by the spammers denial of service traffic.

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  1. Hello Don:

    I’ve been reading that many people are having problems with high volumes of spam this morning. It could the consequence of Blue Security’s downfall. What worries me is that Spammers have flexed the muscle and have shown the world what they can do. They were able to isolate Blue Security from the rest of the world. That means they can control part of Internet’s backbone. This is serious business.

    What if these guys are associated in some way with: Iran, drug cartels, criminal syndicates, Castro, Chavez, Morales, etc.? This could be worst than the 9/11 event because they could have the capacity of freezing whole geographical networks around the world. Imagine combining the huge resources of Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia, criminal syndicates and drug cartels. Compared with these astronomical resources, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft would be petty cash for them.

    Cyber-Terrorism could be the next big war to take over the world. I thought about this all night and am really scared. I thought about thousands of students from these rogue countries studying in the best universities in Europe and the United States, studying the latest technologies and later bring that know-how back to their own countries. Are we controlling the “knowledge leaks”? Are we educating the Cyber-Terrorists of the future?

    The way PharmaMaster spoke to Blue Security demonstrated great confidence in his power. He attacked Blue Security and everyone associated with them no matter who they were; e.g. tuCows, Six Apart, LiveJournal, TypePad and many others I don’t remember at the moment. Innocent bloggers were affected that had nothing to do with the problem between Spammers and Blue Security. That is the way terrorist act. Everybody is a target.

    I was trying to find out if governments have been discussing this issue, but couldn’t find anything. They are all occupied with Irak, Mexican Immigrants, Afghanistan and a CIA Director’s nomination while PharmaMaster is taking the Internet as his personal hostage.



  2. While you raise many good points, DOS attacks are not new. It remains to be seen if the appropriate people have become concerned enough to take action. Certainly the wealth of the companies you mentioned doesn’t equal that of the countries and entities that you also mentioned, however, they do possess the technical strength to solve the problem. But time will tell, and you are correct, the beginning of cyber terrorism has begun.

  3. You could be right. However, I would think that you could still be seeing an inflated bandwidth usage even though they can get past the registration hurdle. Can you tell?

  4. I’ve just checked, and my bandwith usage on my hosting provider for May is somewhat higher than most other months. It’s still much less than the month when I set up the site and well below the allowance in my monthly fee.

  5. My bandwidth has increased some. It has shown a continual increase since I started this blog. It may be a little larger than normal, but not much.

    However my comment spam is going through the roof since Blue Frog stopped their service. I really wasn’t a user, so if that is the reason, Blue Frog was keeping the spammers too busy to bother with me. I had been getting about 10-30 comment spammers a day.

    I had over 300 spam comments yesterday and this morning I have 131 sitting in the queue. Strangely enough the number of new visitors for today is 135. Maybe everyone that comes to my site is just a spammer.

    Woe is I.

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