The BOOKMARK in Delegá Expands

I stopped at the BOOKMARK on my return from Boquete. As you can see from the photo, the BOOKMARK has added a new room on the left. Hal said he needed more space so he could display the books better. The room has just been completed and is not quite ready to contain books. He has the bookshelves in construction and is using the current time to finish the room.
Bookmark in Dolegá

When he has the room completed, he said he would send me an email and I will post a notice. This is the best place in all of Chiriqui to find English reading material. He has a very complete library. He has hardback books as well as softback. I call this Chiriqui’s answer to HalfPrice Books in the US.

He had a note posted on the new addition to take some avocados. I mentioned the sign and he asked if I liked avocados. When I said yes, he said follow me. We went to his back yard. He had a huge avocado tree that was covered in avocados.

Here is a close up of one of the branches.

He also had a couple of the new blight resistant banana trees.

He picked me a sack of avocados. Thanks, Hal. There will be guacamole tonight!

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