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Be On The Lookout Tomorrow!

Dixon Hamby, one of my favorite photographers, will be in David tomorrow, June 1 and I bet you will be in for a treat when he has a chance to post some new photos of his visit to David. Dixon has a way of capturing works of art in a digital medium. If you haven’t visited the Chiriqui Chatter Link sections on the right side of this page, you may have missed Dixon’s website.

I’ll make it easy. To visit Dixon’s site, just click on this photo he took of a lovely lady in traditional Panamanian dress.

Photo Taken by Dixon Hamby

Well I Did It

It has been a quite a while since I had done it. I was starting to wonder if I would ever do it again. I had thought about doing it last year and really wanted to several times, but the equipment just wouldn’t function.

I consulted a professional and tried all the recommended suggestions, but I still couldn’t do it. I was really starting to get worried. I knew I was capable of doing it, but even with my most intense efforts, I still wasn’t successful. Continue reading Well I Did It

House For Rent

NOTE – The owner sent me a note that I could remove the post, so I assume he has rented it. I am going to leave the post because I think it shows what one can reasonably purchase for less than $40,000. The original post follows:

One of Chiriqui Chatter’s readers was recently in David to check on his house that that was being completed. He will not be moving to Panama permanently for approximately two years and is interested in renting his house in the interim.

Here are the house details:

It is located in Villa Natalia, on Via Boquete going from David to Boquete. It is about 3 Minutes from the Do It Center, El Rey etc. It is a brand New house containing 3 Bedrooms, 2 baths and is approximately 1500 SF.

For further information please contact: Esther or Mario at 507-774-1327, cell 507-6618-1327. Photos follow:

Daddy Tell Me A Story

By Don Ray Williams
May 29, 2006

As a little boy getting ready for bed
I remember looking at my mother and what I said.

Mother, tell me a story, would you tell me one please?
I would beg her and beg her and get down on my knees.

Tell me one about pirates on ships with huge sails,
Or tell me one about puppy dog tails.

Tell me about making snow angels in the snow,
Or about butterflies and where they go.

My mom could paint pictures that put my mind in flight,
And send me away dreaming into the night.

Those times I remember, I enjoyed them so,
Seems like just yesterday, where did the time go?

And now as I sit, with my son on my knee,
I can hear him say as he looks up at me.

Daddy, will you tell me a story, will you tell me one please?
I am asking you nice; I will get down on my knees.

So I tell him one about astronauts, flying out into space,
Or one about a clown with funny paint on his face.

I watch as his eyes flutter and gradually close,
Then off into dreamland he peacefully goes.

I wonder when he gets as old as me,
If he will remember, sitting on his daddy’s knee.

And asking if I would tell him a story, just one story – Please.
And tell me he was asking real nice and he would get down on his knees.

Pickin And A Grinnin

By Don Ray Williams
May 29, 2006

I wonder if I could learn to pick a guitar,
I know as a profession, I wouldn’t get too far,

But it sure is something I’d like to do,
So I could write and pick out a ditty or two.

I wonder if it is hard to tie words to a tune,
I wonder if it’s harder to play or to croon.

How do you get your mind to do both things at once,
And have people like it and not think you’re a dunce?

So many things I’d like to say,
If I could only learn to play.

I sort of think words are remembered more,
If they happen to be part of some musical score.

I know I catch myself mouthing words and hummin
To some catchy piece somebody had been strummin.

I bet there are other benefits too,
If you can play a tune or two.

For example, I hear it said that musicians get all of the women,
Maybe that is why they are always pickin and grinnin.

Yep, I’ll say it again, like I’ve said it before,
I’d sure like to be able to pick a guitar.

Life Is Like A Sewer

Tom Lehrer was one of my favorite artists when I was in college. He was a Harvard graduate and known as a musical satirist. He is another of my lost friends that I have become reacquainted with on Pandora. Who can forget “Poisoning pidgins in the park” or “We will all go together when we go”?

He typically would do a lengthy comic introduction to each song. In one I just listened to, he says, “Life is like a sewer… what you get out of it depends on what you put into it”.

What an inspirational poignant thought, expressed in a colorful way that I wouldn’t have thought of, but can’t argue with. If you would like to know a little more about Tom Lehrer, remember that Google is your friend.

If you would like to hear one of his bits, plug his name into Pandora.