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Super Baru Revisited

Now I am sure that everyone must think that with El Rey opening that I would not need to go to Super Baru any more. However that isn’t true. I still think that Super Baru is one of the two best supermarkets in David.

I don’t have any need to go to Super99. In fact I really don’t like Super99. The local store management has always been rude and never helpful. Plus I think their meat and produce sections are substandard. And as far as Romero’s goes, I only go there to buy my La Choy soy sauce. If Super Baru or El Rey adds La Choy to their shelves, then I won’t need to go to Romero’s.

On the other hand Super Baru is still first rate. Their produce and meat areas are both well stocked and nicely laid out.

Today near the meat counter Elizabeth had her testing table set up and was demonstrating cereal, soymilk and some Costa Rican preserves. She spent at least 10 minutes telling me the benefits of each different cereal and which is better in the morning and the evening. She was more than happy to let me take her photo the Chiriqui Chatter website. She was a real credit to Super Baru.
Super Baru 1

I intended to take some photos and show the changes that Super Baru has made to update their store, but I was apprehended by the competition police and told that photos in the store were not permitted. I had just taken a photo of the new pastry area, which is much better than it used to be.
Super Baru 2

I completed my shopping needs, but didn’t take all the photos I would have liked. I talked to the management of the store and told them that there was a lot of interest by people from other parts of the world that want to understand what fine grocery stores are in David and was given permission to take other photos, but it was obvious they are concerned that the competition will see what they have or don’t have and that information might hurt them.

Personally, I don’t understand their thinking because the competition can come in with a notebook, walk the aisles and record anything they want. I believe that information is power and being more visible is not a problem as long as you run a good business, and Super Baru is well run and from their packed parking lot, are handling the competition quite well.

Dixon Hamby’s Photo Website

I have added a new photo site to the Chiriqui Chatter Link area. It is Dixon Hamby’s Website. Dixon describes himself this way:

I am a freelance photographer whose work has been published in numerous publications, calendars and web sites including International Living, One Day in Washington, Guitar Player, Gibson Guitars, Town&Country, Living Buddhism, PhotoMedia, The Stranger, Living Buddhism, The World Tribune and The Seikyo Shinbun newspapers. Presently living in Panama.”

Currently he is featuring photos he took in Casco Antiguo in Panama City. Take a stroll with Dixon through the old streets of Panama.
Casco Antiguo by Dixon Hamby

I also chose another area he has of people and this particular photo is the traditional Panamanian dress that you will often see in folkloric ballet.
Panamanian Dress by Dixon Hamby

If you want to se some photos taken by a true professional, visit Dixon’s site.

Spam Comments

Everyday I receive a large amount of “Comment Spam”. When comments are entered, WordPress requires an email and it is also possible to enter a URL of the commenter’s site.

Spam comments obviously don’t have legitimate email addresses. Most fake a yahoo or hotmail address, though I am starting to see that gmail addresses are increasing in use. Continue reading Spam Comments

Do It Center – Good Costumer Service

I just had a good experience with Do It Center. I had purchased a ceiling fan there the other day and today I installed it. Unfortunately the fan switch didn’t work. When I bought the fan, I registered as a frequent customer, which provided me with a small discount.

I didn’t realize that it would also provide me another benefit. Today when the fan switch didn’t work, I looked for the purchase receipt. I couldn’t find it. However since I had used my frequent customer number, I showed up in their computers and they just gave me a new switch.

Way to go Do It Center.

Want To Get Away To Another Part Of the World?

As you know, I visit Valokuvia ystäville, which is the website of Leenamarjatta, quite often. It is interesting seeing the contrast between different parts of the world and contrasting Panama to Finland is really interesting to me.

Today she is featuring a photo of Helsinki that was taken by Niklas Sjöblom. If you visit his website, you can see some incredible photos that he has taken of that area and he has a description associated with the photos.

I repeat, these are great photos and if you want to take a photo trip to another part of the world, this is a great site to visit. Niklas has organized his photos by month and year. If you go to a month you can click on the slideshow and just pretend you are there.

He has photos from October 2002 till the present. Take the trip. I did and I loved it.

Fresh Fruit Stand

While I was taking photos of the hospital I had noticed, I realized that there was fruit being sold on the corner. It looked good from a distance, so I went over for a closer look. I bought 4 bananas for a dime, a mango for 55 cents and a watermelon for a dollar. Last night I put a scoop of Rum and Raisin ice cream in a bowl, sliced a banana and mango and put them on top. There is nothing like a little fresh fruit with ice cream.

Fresh Fruit Stand

You will notice these small venders selling their products many places when you are out. There are also several fresh produce markets around David. One of these days, maybe I will take some photos of them.

Another Hospital?

Yesterday I was out and about and I noticed another hospital that I hadn’t seen before. It was Jose Domingo De Obaldia Children’s Hospital. This has obviously been replaced with the new Children’s hospital. Upon checking further I understand that this was the oldest hospital in the Chiriqui Province and is now used for offices for the Ministry of Health in Chiriqui.

Up Up And Away

David Gas Price on April 20, 2006
Did you remember to fill up before the price changed on Thursday? I guess it could be worse. This is the price of gasoline in Los Angeles today.
LA Gas Price

I got an email yesterday about a plan to put consumer pressure on the EXXON and MOBIL companies, which are the largest companies in the US. The plan called for a boycott of those dealers and buying only from other companies. The theory was that if their sales dropped, they would be forced to drop prices and a price war would be on. After reading the plan, I thought it might actually have some merit for those living in the US.

In the US, I already did that because I usually bought at one of the discount locations such as a Sam’s. Now, being in Panama, I guess I will have to walk more and be selective when and where I drive.

David AstroVision

AstroVision is the company I currently use for my cable television in David. I think with my jubilado discount plus taxes, I pay around $25.00 per month and I have the complete package.

Below is a list of the stations I receive. You can see that some are in Spanish and some are in English.

Update: Please note that the following image, belonging to Astrovision, reflects the channels as of the date of the post. For current channel information, please contact Astrovision’s office in David
Astrovision Channels

David Parking Cards

David Parking Card
I was going to throw this old card away and then decided it might be of interest to anyone that is going to be in David. I know when I first got here I parked down town and when I came back to my car, I found a parking citation on the window. Then I learned that if you park in any location that has a number on the street, you have to have a parking card. They are sold in two amounts – a half-hour for 10 cents and one hour for 20 cents.

The card I have here is a half hour card. When you park, you mark the time and date you parked. For this card it is April 7th at 1:50PM. With this ticket you won’t get a parking citation unless you don’t move the car or put on another ticket before 2:20 PM. You can have multiple cards on your window.

Make sure that they are placed so that the person checking the tickets can read them. If the checker can’t read the cards or you forget to fill them out then you will still get the citation. Don’t think just because you don’t see anyone checking tickets that you can park free for a couple of minutes. The checkers are like ghosts, and if they see you park and leave your car, they magically appear and leave you a present.

The card is not tied to a location. If you get done with your business at one location you can move to another and the card is still valid as long as the time hasn’t run out.

If you get a parking citation you can go to the municipal building and pay it and get a receipt. If I remember correctly it is a dollar fine. While you are there, you can buy some extra parking cards, so you won’t get another citation.
Municipio De David

Not a bad system. It is better than putting money in the meter and only using half of the time. This way you can effectively take your meter with you.