An Afternoon At La Barranca Part 2 (The BONLAC Dancers)

As I mentioned in part one of today’s post, I noticed a large group of people enter the restaurant area carrying traditional Panamanian attire and I sensed that good things were going to happen. I went over to the restaurant area and the BONLAC dancers were being introduced and I learned that shortly they would perform several traditional dances.

Following the introduction, they took a short break for the dancers to get ready. Hey, I was ready too. Glad I just put a fresh set of batteries in the camera.

Now as you look at the next set of photos, you will have to imagine traditional Panamanian music playing. It is definitely happy music.

At the end, they invited the audience to join in and everyone had a great time. Just look.

Following the performance, the dancers went outside to be photographed. Of course I tagged along.

This is a photo of all the ladies.

Here is entire group and I understand the director is gentleman on the back row.

Here is a photo of one of the ladies.

They insisted that I have my picture taken. Normally, I am quite shy, but who can resist having your photo taken between two beautiful women?

I hope you enjoyed today’s outing. I know I did. Don’t forget to check the Chiriqui Chatter Photo Album for the rest of the photos.

Here are three videos from the performance. Each was taken from a different dance. All contain sound and show the traditional dance of Panama. These are not the entire dance, but just enough to give you a flavor.

11 thoughts on “An Afternoon At La Barranca Part 2 (The BONLAC Dancers)

  1. Loved the photos and explanations on your website. Would like to see these dancers perform if we knew a schedule and where the restaurant was. This is why we moved to Panama

  2. This isn’t something that they do all the time. Appearantly they perform close to cities that BONLAC has offices. I do not know how many times they perform. It was just by luck that I was there and they had scheduled for that day.

  3. Many thanks for photos and videos.
    Now we can enjoy traditional dances of Panama here in Finland. This is why I like internet.
    Can I burn them in DVD?

  4. Mr. Ray,
    On behalf of our folk goup, we want to thank You for this beautiful pictures, an first of all, for your interest in our culture. Everybody in our company is looking the photos, specially our bosses, that are very pleased and surprised with them. We never think when we organized this internal event celebrating the 20th aniversary of Bonlac that we will be at the internet, in full view of everybody that visit your page!! It is fantastic!! Thank You so much. If we go to David to perform other dances, we will contact You to give thanks in person.
    Bonlac Traditional Dance Group – Isis Barranco (I’m the one with the red pollera at your right hand)

  5. Isis,

    You are entirely welcome. The pleasure was all mine. I am sure that there are many people in this area that would like the benefit of seeing your group perform. I feel fortunate that I was at the right place at the right time and you so graciously allowed me to photograph the event.

    In case you want to direct others to the post, remember that the URL address is The address of the photo album that contains all 41 photos is

    I am pleased that you liked the post as much as I enjoyed writing it.


    Don Ray

  6. Hi Ray:

    I feel so proud that our traditional music is being projected to the world though Chiriqui Chatter.

    I wish to join Isis in thanking you for being our ambassador to the world. This is tremendous job you’re doing, Don. As the Leena commented, this is the magical side of the Internet.



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