An Afternoon At La Barranca Part 1

I decided that it was just too pretty a day not to get out. My choice this afternoon’s diversion was La Barranca. It is a nice little bar and restaurant between David and Concepción. As you drive toward Concepción, look for this sign on the right hand side of the road.

Enter through this gate.

Down the road you will find a parking area. La Barranca is a nice place to go and just relax. There is plenty to see and good food and drink when you are ready to kick back.

One of the attractions in La Barranca is their Ostriches and caged birds. Here are a few photos.

A little girl and her father were looking at the birds and when he took her photo, I took one too. She was so cute.

As you enter the restaurant there is a signboard with photos showing some of the attractions and food and drink options.

When I got there this part of the bar and restaurant was empty. It wouldn’t be for long.

There is a concrete walkway that takes you down to a pretty area with a flowing stream. I bet it can get pretty fast and furious following a large rain.

This is definitely a tropical area. I never saw these in the states, but they are pretty common here.

After my walk down to the water area, I ordered a meal. I had Creole shrimp plate with French fries. I really enjoyed it. Even though I was full, I couldn’t pass up having the flan de la casa.

I ate outside in a thatched roof eating area.

It was not far from the ostrich pen.

While I was eating I heard this strange, deep sound almost like a tugboat horn. I turned around to see the ostrich making what must have been his mating call.

I only say that because a few moments later, he was chasing the other ostrich.

While I was eating, I noticed a large number of people arrive carrying dancing outfits. What do you know? I came on the right day. The BONLAC dancers were going to put on a dance exhibition. They will appear in part two of today’s post.

Check out the Chiriqui Chatter Photo Album for the rest of the La Barranca photos.

4 thoughts on “An Afternoon At La Barranca Part 1

  1. Hello Don Ray,

    Are the ostriches just to look at, or are they on the menu too. There are several restaurants in the Seattle are who do have ostrich on the menu. I don’t know if I’ll ever try it, but I have heard that an ostrich egg makes a great omelet.

    The only problem is it only comes in one size…very large!

  2. I posted the menu in the photo section. The ostriches are not on the menu. They are just one of the drawing cards so to speak.

    I don’t know anything about Ostrich omelets; but I would think that one is all that would be required and I probably couldn’t finish it.

    Thanks for stopping in!

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