List of Doctors in Panama

I happened to find this URL today while trying to find a doctor’s telephone number in Hospital Chiriqui. I am sure this isn’t a complete list, but it had the doctor’s number that I wanted and I thought it might be of benefit to others.

I added it to the Panama Miscellaneous Link list. Panama Doctor’s List.

9 thoughts on “List of Doctors in Panama

  1. I am interested in learning about the practice opportunities for well trained US MDs in Panama. I am a seasoned Family Physician who is looking for a non-US location to practice….no closet skeletons….just a desire for a new adventure. Information is appreciated.

  2. Dear Don,
    Can you reccommend an English speaking Dr. for general practice in David .We need to obtain health cert. for our Visa application. Thank you. I am hoping to arrive for the day in David for the health exam on April 8. We are moving to Bocas. Thanks, BIbi

  3. I would assume if you are working with some lawyer in the David area, they may have someone they typically use. The lab tests will probably be done at Hospital Chiriqui. If I didn’t have a doctor, i would probably go to Hospital Chiriqui since many of the doctors there speak English.

  4. Actually I need to talk with a Dr. about getting my med’s etc as well as an exam. i don’t have time to walk into the hospital Is there any one in particular the gringos use in David?

  5. I’m looking for an oncologist, preferably English speaking, who can interpret my recent labs done last month in the US. I may need treatment,as well.

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