Riddle Me This Batman.

What Do Porky Pig And Chicken Little Have In Common?
Answer: You can find relatives of both at Avícola Athena S.A.

Avícola Athena S.A. in David

I know after that last post everyone would be looking at something different and savorier to sink his or her teeth into. Lucky for you, I was out on my morning walk and passed Avícola Athena S.A., which is across the street from Super Baru.

They carry nice chicken, and pork products and they deliver to all of David for the same price as walk-in. That is nice to know, if you are just too lazy to get out or you don’t want to use your gas to buy a few smoked pork chops and a dozen eggs. If you are in David, just call 775-4372 and place an order.
Avícola Athena Prices on April 28, 2006

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