I’ll Take A Thin Crust Pepperoni And A Cadaver On The Side

I guess with the price of gas going up, everyone is looking at a way to cut expenses. The article about a Pennsylvania Domino’s Pizza deliveryman using the same car that he took bodies to funeral homes to deliver pizzas is a distasteful example.

Thank goodness this could never happen in David. All Domino’s Pizzas are delivered on motorbike.

Sorry about that. I guess this post embodies bad taste. It’s just been a little dead around here, and I really had to dig to find something to write about this morning. I know you are usually dieing to come back and see what is happening in David. Have faith. I’m sure there are more good posts to come. The last nail can’t have been put in the coffin. Just like the funeral home, I’ll be the last to let you down.

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