Companies That Need A Social Conscience

I see that the EXXON MOBIL just posted a net income in the first quarter of $8.4 billion. There is nothing like making a ton of money while the rest of the world is dieing under increasing gasoline prices.

Talk about a single industry having a tremendous impact on the world’s entire population. With each price increase, everyone that uses their car for work just got a reduction in their net income. Companies are dropping free pizza delivery. Airline tickets are going up and the airline companies are still bordering on bankruptcy. All related product and service prices that depend on petroleum are surging. I am just glad that I don’t need much air-conditioning and no heat.

The impact on the US and higher economy countries is one thing, but the impact on much of the population of a country such as Panama is unbelievable. People that used to drive now walk or take a cab or bus. Independent cab drivers work longer for less.

My electric bill hit $90 last month. The electricity rate has definitely increased. I may need to start turning my PC off more of the time. My not having a PC is really going to be serious.

If there was ever a wake-up call to crusade for alternate energy sources, I believe the call has gone out. I remember the days when I was in high school, putting in a dollar of gas and cruising the drive-ins for three hours, just like in American Graffiti. If you put in a dollar of gas now, you barely get 1/3 of a gallon of gas. Just think, American Graffiti would never have been filmed if they only had 1/3 of a gallon of gas in their tanks.

People on fixed income are the ones that are really hurt. Hurt – many may be killed. I can imagine that many people will die in the US this coming summer because they can’t afford to run an air-conditioner or even fans and next winter because they can’t afford the fuel for their furnace.

Look if we could figure out how to put a man on the moon when we did, we can solve this problem. I don’t believe that affordable alternate energy is really a technical problem. It just isn’t the best interest of companies like EXXON MOBIL.

2 thoughts on “Companies That Need A Social Conscience

  1. Hi Don:

    I have asked that same question many times. Is there a cheaper way of powering automobiles and public buses? I have a gut feeling there is, but it won’t reach the surface because oil companies will fight tooth and nail to keep it secret.

    As fuel prices scrape the skies, so does the salary of their CEOs. Exxon gave Lee R. Raymond a $38 million compensation package. The CEO was paid $7.5 million in salary and bonus, plus restricted stock worth $28 million and nearly $2.6 million more in other compensation and incentives. That bundle was a jump up from Raymond’s 2003 package, valued at some $27.9 million, including $6.8 million in salary and bonus and $17.9 million in restricted stock.

    In Panama it’s expected that a gallon of gasoline will reach $4.00 a gallon next May. Ouch!



  2. That will really hurt. And it will be more in David because of the transportation. Also more in Boquete than in David. Just think, a 20 gallon tank will cost $80.00. I may just do all my traveling via the internet. Now if I just didn’t have to buy groceries.

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