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I have had several emails lately related to a development in David that people have seen on the Internet called Cuesta del Sol. I decided that it would be worth a drive, so last Sunday, I set out to find it. I drove by it and have to say that I passed it several times without knowing it was there. There was no sign advertising the development that I could see and not a sign on the security gate that I could see either.

I didn’t enter the property, but see no reason that the photos on the website shouldn’t be accurate. I looked at the Phase I diagram and the street that I drove is at the top. I mistook the manager’s unit for a house. The units are to the back and built on sort of a hillside.

The development I saw was small and narrow, just like the diagram. I wouldn’t live there, but all tastes and needs are different.

I spent a little time searching the Internet for information related to Cuesta del Sol. The website stated that the architect is Golda Gomez. Next, I did a search on Golda Gomez to see what other projects she had done. That took me to Panama Time Shares.

This site is obviously a sister site to Cuesta del Sol. At the bottom of the home page, for Panama Time Shares, it says,

As we are moving away from the Timeshare Idea and more into the rental, we have created a new site

please visit

Then when I check, I couldn’t find anything related to rentals in David. You can make what you want from that.

I also found a reference to Panama Paradise, which is the company promoting Cuesta del Sol in Noriegaville News. Now it is never a good thing to be mentioned in any article in Noriegaville News. I couldn’t find the reference to the Pinkerton Intelligence Agency that was the subject of the Noriegaville article, so I have to assume that the site changed its reference and now just says how safe Panama is.

If you are reading this because you are considering Panama as a retirement location, do yourself a favor and come for an extended visit. Live as a resident. Buy your groceries. Go through the exercise of paying your utilities. Talk to others living here. Talk to neighbors close to where you would choose to live. However, avoid buying anything without having researched it personally. I wouldn’t take anyone’s word for anything, anymore, if I hadn’t done my own due diligence.

Now don’t take this post as my saying that Cuesta del Sol is a bad development. I don’t know anyone associated with the development. I don’t know anyone that has purchased there. But, I have invested all the time I plan on spending related to Cuesta del Sol. The rest is up to you to research.

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  1. Just found out about your web site which is most impressive. I am the developer for Cuesta del Sol in David, Panama with Head Office in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and Panama on site sales office in David managed by my resident Canadian partner Bob Reichert. We would be pleased to take you on a tour of our projects in David at your conveinience and show you the real story of condo development. Phase 1 is sold out with phase 2 at 50% sold. Current on site condo owners are very pleased with units which are built to North American standards and futher phases are planned for David and other areas of Chiriqui.

    The web site Panama Time Shares was put up by a condo owner without our permission or knowledge at that time and we have cancelled said sales contract in April 2005 with individual due to unauthorized use of parts of our web site and the fact time shares are not allowed in development. We are now trying to have the false web site (panamatimeshares) and ( removed due to misrepresentation of our project

    The very negative Noriegaville News comments on Pinkerton reference are again incorrect and without merit.

    Again, we do wish to have the proper “due diligence” done by yourself and extend a most welcomed invitation to you to visit our project and see for yourself why so many new retiries to Panama are so very satisfied with our condo developments.

    Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your observations

    Robert Gair
    Cuesta del Sol

  2. Robert,

    I am glad that you have taken the time to respond to the web anomalies that I had observed. I certainly can understand your being upset that with the panamatimeshares website as it mirrors your site and definitely leaves the impression of a joint business relationship. You comment has clarified your position.

    I would also recommend that you contact the Noriegaville News and request that your name and project be removed from its list. If your site had in the past used the Pinkerton reference, you are in good company. The Noriegaville News states that the new Donald Trump website for Panama City also quoted the same Pinkerton source. As I stated, I saw no such reference on your site.

    I am not a candidate for your project or I would take you up on your offer. I only drove by because I was receiving so many emails about your development and knew absolutely nothing about it. Those that are interested should indeed do their own due diligence. It is still my recommendation that people that are not familiar with Panama come and live in the environment for some period of time before they buy. Perhaps you have a business opportunity to provide an option of renting before buying.

    Thanks for stopping in and good luck with your business venture.

    Don Ray

  3. Thank you Don for your response to our May 1/06 comments. The word “Due Diligence” implies a complete and careful effort was made to investegate a project and a casual driveby of Cuesta del Solby by yourself will not suffice. Therefore, we are again extending an invitation to visit our condo project in David and see firsthand the complete and true story of David’s newest Panama retirement community. As the editor of a well recognized news outlet, you will then be able to forward accurate and complete comments to the many email enquiries on project you have received. All the best….Robert Gair

  4. Actually, I like the way that defines “Due Diligence”:

    1. An investigation or audit of a potential investment. Due diligence serves to confirm all material facts in regards to a sale.
    2. Generally, due diligence refers to the care a reasonable person should take before entering into an agreement or a transaction with another party.

    Since I have no interest in investing in your development, I have no need to perform a “Due Diligence”. My curiosity was in knowing where the Cuesta del Sol development was, since I have been in this area for over three years and this was the first I had heard of it. My “casual drive by” satisfied that curiosity. No one has asked me to perform a “Due Diligence” in his or her behalf, nor would I accept such a request. My days of performing that process ended when I left corporate life.

    Therefore, you can understand why I, once again, will pass on your gracious offer to “see firsthand the complete and true story of David’s newest Panama retirement community”.

    Robert, your characterization of Chiriqui Chatter as a “ well recognized news outlet” is far too formal. Chiriqui Chatter is nothing more than a blog. If you aren’t familiar with the term blog, then I refer you to BlogsCanada. Since you live in Canada, I thought that source might be appropriate. As you can see, the person that maintains a blog is called a blogger. When I read what I have written, it is evident to me that I am a blogger and not an editor, but thank you for the compliment.

    Sometimes people get confused between curiosity and interest. Just to be clear, I had curiosity and I have no interest.


    Don Ray

  5. enough already with Pinkerton references, to my knowledge there was never any ranking, nor mention in Time magazine, as cited by some websites. If anyone knows otherwise please inform us all or stop anymore references to Pinkerton says this or that. Panama i s what it is an as Don says, you should try it before you buy anything.

  6. Hi Juan. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I have seen the Pinkerton references on some sites in the past, but haven’t and don’t try to keep up with it. I personally like Panama, but some come and don’t like it, so trying before deciding is always a good idea.

  7. Here is the url for the research that Don Winner of the Panama Guide did last year trying to track down the Pinkerton reference. He concludes that there is no Pinkerton report and explains how he thinks this bogus reference ended up getting legs on a lot of Panama content web sites. It is clearly not true.

    Don Ray – I am off to another fun filled week in Dallas next week. I plan to go to at least two of the Tex Mex restaurants that you have recommended. I’m looking forward to the trip.

  8. I an interested in any firsthand info I can get on this development it sound great and art work looks great as well has anyone checked this place out lately I mean the actual building site if so I would love to see some photos of it we are looking to retire around here or further into the mountains please let me know at

    Thanks to all

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