Super Baru Revisited

Now I am sure that everyone must think that with El Rey opening that I would not need to go to Super Baru any more. However that isn’t true. I still think that Super Baru is one of the two best supermarkets in David.

I don’t have any need to go to Super99. In fact I really don’t like Super99. The local store management has always been rude and never helpful. Plus I think their meat and produce sections are substandard. And as far as Romero’s goes, I only go there to buy my La Choy soy sauce. If Super Baru or El Rey adds La Choy to their shelves, then I won’t need to go to Romero’s.

On the other hand Super Baru is still first rate. Their produce and meat areas are both well stocked and nicely laid out.

Today near the meat counter Elizabeth had her testing table set up and was demonstrating cereal, soymilk and some Costa Rican preserves. She spent at least 10 minutes telling me the benefits of each different cereal and which is better in the morning and the evening. She was more than happy to let me take her photo the Chiriqui Chatter website. She was a real credit to Super Baru.
Super Baru 1

I intended to take some photos and show the changes that Super Baru has made to update their store, but I was apprehended by the competition police and told that photos in the store were not permitted. I had just taken a photo of the new pastry area, which is much better than it used to be.
Super Baru 2

I completed my shopping needs, but didn’t take all the photos I would have liked. I talked to the management of the store and told them that there was a lot of interest by people from other parts of the world that want to understand what fine grocery stores are in David and was given permission to take other photos, but it was obvious they are concerned that the competition will see what they have or don’t have and that information might hurt them.

Personally, I don’t understand their thinking because the competition can come in with a notebook, walk the aisles and record anything they want. I believe that information is power and being more visible is not a problem as long as you run a good business, and Super Baru is well run and from their packed parking lot, are handling the competition quite well.

9 thoughts on “Super Baru Revisited

  1. They seem to be big on upside down cakes – something I absolutely love.

    I totally agree with you about the competition thing. There’s nothing out in the open that the competition can’t come in and see for themselves.

  2. Thanks for dropping in Marie. Pastries here are pretty good. Some bakeries make a cake called Flan Escondido (Hidden Flan). It is a large layer cake with a center layer that is flan. The entire cake is frosted and covered with fresh fruits and sometimes it has chocolate pieces. Yummy.

  3. Just caught up with your visit to Super Baru and your encounter with the “competition police”. Even though they may have told you it was about competition, it was actually about security. They don’t want you taking pics of their staff, how they handle their cash, etc. – even accidentally.

  4. As I said, after talking to the management, he granted permission to take the photos. I am sure you are correct that they don’t want photos take that would jeopardize security, but in this case I really don’t think it was a security issue.

  5. Ah..but we have found a redeeming value at Super 99. Have you tried the Emparedado de Jamon at the snack bar for $1.25? A great Cuban pressed sandwhich. Yummy, we have stopped there just for a treat.

  6. No, I have to admit I haven’t. If I want a Cuban sandwich I would go to the Iberia Hotel. It might cost a little more, but I feel so much better with the atmosphere. If I were going to Super99 it would more likely be to buy hardware and nothing to eat. Maybe I am too picky. 🙂

  7. Join the Crowd!
    Some of our friends from the “Noriega Regime” believe Control and Power are the only ways to do things. Gee, sounds like Bush and Cheney (Oh, I didn’t really mean that! It just slipped out that way, hehehe.
    No, seriously, here in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica and during the 20 odd years before 2004 I lived in Chiriqui Grande and other parts of Panama, I find some persons LOVE INFORMATION and others think you’re a “Brujo or Bruja” (Witch or Warlock).
    Help these thin-skinned persons by patiently reminding them that the Internet is their BEST FRIEND if, just as you stated above, they know how to BEAT THE COMPETITION with EXCELLENT SALES and SERVICE.
    Keep up the GREAT WORK at Chiriqui Chatter and come see us when you visit Puerto Limon.
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  8. Hi Don Ray

    I just came back from Panama, my mom is Panamanian, we visit every couple of years or so. Anyway, I was surfing the net and typed in flan escondido. My aunt brought a slice of this cake from a bakery in PTY, while I was there and I have to say it’s the best cake creation I have ever tasted. Very yummy.
    Also, nice webpage.

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