David Parking Cards

David Parking Card
I was going to throw this old card away and then decided it might be of interest to anyone that is going to be in David. I know when I first got here I parked down town and when I came back to my car, I found a parking citation on the window. Then I learned that if you park in any location that has a number on the street, you have to have a parking card. They are sold in two amounts – a half-hour for 10 cents and one hour for 20 cents.

The card I have here is a half hour card. When you park, you mark the time and date you parked. For this card it is April 7th at 1:50PM. With this ticket you won’t get a parking citation unless you don’t move the car or put on another ticket before 2:20 PM. You can have multiple cards on your window.

Make sure that they are placed so that the person checking the tickets can read them. If the checker can’t read the cards or you forget to fill them out then you will still get the citation. Don’t think just because you don’t see anyone checking tickets that you can park free for a couple of minutes. The checkers are like ghosts, and if they see you park and leave your car, they magically appear and leave you a present.

The card is not tied to a location. If you get done with your business at one location you can move to another and the card is still valid as long as the time hasn’t run out.

If you get a parking citation you can go to the municipal building and pay it and get a receipt. If I remember correctly it is a dollar fine. While you are there, you can buy some extra parking cards, so you won’t get another citation.
Municipio De David

Not a bad system. It is better than putting money in the meter and only using half of the time. This way you can effectively take your meter with you.

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  1. thanks for the article on parking in david. i parked downtown once. i looked for ”no parking” signs, nothing, so i went wandering.
    there was a ticket on my windsheild when i returned to my car. it was obvious i didn’t know what to do about it. a bank guard saw me scratching my head and walked me 4 blocks to a little shack in the park where i paid the fine. (what a guy!!!)
    so where do you buy the blank tickets?

    norm :))~

  2. If you are lucky you will see one of the people that give citations and they also sell tickets. When the park was open, there was a booth that sold them in the park. You can also go to the Municipio De David which close to Hotel National. That is where you pay youe fine if you didn’t buy the ticket.

  3. When I lived in Antibes, France, I used to get my mail at a ship chandler. My French girlfriend once told me that I didn’t have to worry about getting a ticket where I parked if it was raining. Stupid me, I believed her. I went to get my mail one day in a driving rain and parked where I normally did. When I returned the car was gone! I thought it had been stolen. Instead it had been towed to an impound lot and I spent most of the day walking long distances to get it back. Except for the trains there was no public transportation in Antibes.

    When Florence and I met late that afternoon for our usual sundowners I said, “I thought you told me parking was free when it rained.”

    “Well,” she said, “usually les flics (the police) don’t come out when it’s raining.”

    Arrrrrrrrrrgh! (Pirate talk.)

  4. Thanks, I went to David by car and got lucky. But will keep this in mind on the next trip.
    I was at the Hospital and never seen this type of system? Is this down town only? Thanks anyway.

  5. It is downtown. I think it is Mondy through Friday. I didn’t use a card last Saturday.

    The parking space will have a number on it if it requires a card.

  6. Thanks for the info on the cards. I have received a couple of $1 tickets but hadn’t yet looked into the card business.

    Cervantes Parque (Parque Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra) in downtown David has four sides to park. Two sides have the numbered spaces and the other are unnumbered. When I go to the Parque (to visit a photo print shop next to Hotel Iris), I drive around the square until a parking space is available in one of the unnumbered sides.

    But now…I’ll buy some parking cards. $.10 is better than $1.00 (smile)

  7. Seven years ago I parked my car, used my last parking card and went to Fletes Chavales (who sold them at that time) to buy more cards. Unfortunately it was a “brain dead” day. I looked at my watch and thought “half an hour” and marked down the time I was due to leave rather than the time I parked. Result — I got a ticket. Really quite funny, I was fined for putting the wrong time on my parking card while I spent 10 minutes walking to Fletes to buy more parking tickets so I would be able to park legally. Now I have a minimum of ten cards in the car and buy more when I get down to two — and I always, always remember to put my time of arrival down on the card, rather than time of departure. Yep those “ghost traffic wardens” are definitely Panama’s equivalent to the “Stealth Bomber”. In my ten years here I have yet to see a “Lovely Rita Meter Maid”.
    Thanks Don Ray for just being you.

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