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An Afternoon At La Barranca Part 2 (The BONLAC Dancers)

As I mentioned in part one of today’s post, I noticed a large group of people enter the restaurant area carrying traditional Panamanian attire and I sensed that good things were going to happen. I went over to the restaurant area and the BONLAC dancers were being introduced and I learned that shortly they would perform several traditional dances.
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Riddle Me This Batman.

What Do Porky Pig And Chicken Little Have In Common?
Answer: You can find relatives of both at Avícola Athena S.A.

Avícola Athena S.A. in David

I know after that last post everyone would be looking at something different and savorier to sink his or her teeth into. Lucky for you, I was out on my morning walk and passed Avícola Athena S.A., which is across the street from Super Baru.

They carry nice chicken, and pork products and they deliver to all of David for the same price as walk-in. That is nice to know, if you are just too lazy to get out or you don’t want to use your gas to buy a few smoked pork chops and a dozen eggs. If you are in David, just call 775-4372 and place an order.
Avícola Athena Prices on April 28, 2006

I’ll Take A Thin Crust Pepperoni And A Cadaver On The Side

I guess with the price of gas going up, everyone is looking at a way to cut expenses. The article about a Pennsylvania Domino’s Pizza deliveryman using the same car that he took bodies to funeral homes to deliver pizzas is a distasteful example.

Thank goodness this could never happen in David. All Domino’s Pizzas are delivered on motorbike.

Sorry about that. I guess this post embodies bad taste. It’s just been a little dead around here, and I really had to dig to find something to write about this morning. I know you are usually dieing to come back and see what is happening in David. Have faith. I’m sure there are more good posts to come. The last nail can’t have been put in the coffin. Just like the funeral home, I’ll be the last to let you down.

Companies That Need A Social Conscience

I see that the EXXON MOBIL just posted a net income in the first quarter of $8.4 billion. There is nothing like making a ton of money while the rest of the world is dieing under increasing gasoline prices.

Talk about a single industry having a tremendous impact on the world’s entire population. With each price increase, everyone that uses their car for work just got a reduction in their net income. Companies are dropping free pizza delivery. Airline tickets are going up and the airline companies are still bordering on bankruptcy. All related product and service prices that depend on petroleum are surging. I am just glad that I don’t need much air-conditioning and no heat. Continue reading Companies That Need A Social Conscience

Failed emails

I try to respond to each email I receive. Sometimes I receive “non deliverable” messages when I reply. This may be because of spam software on the receiving end that doesn’t like as an email address. If you write and don’t receive an answer, then see if your spam software filtered my response. At any rate, I received an email today that I responded to, that was returned. I just decided to reply in the form of this post.

The posed email question was as follows;

My wife and I are planning to visit Boquete the second week of June this year with thoughts of retiring in your area. We see bullets of beauty shops for $8 an afternoon and live in maids for $150 a month. How much of this is true and how much hype?…

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Cuesta del Sol Emails

I have had several emails lately related to a development in David that people have seen on the Internet called Cuesta del Sol. I decided that it would be worth a drive, so last Sunday, I set out to find it. I drove by it and have to say that I passed it several times without knowing it was there. There was no sign advertising the development that I could see and not a sign on the security gate that I could see either. Continue reading Cuesta del Sol Emails

Deja Vu All Over Again

As Yogi Berra used to say, “It seems like deja vu all over again”. This is being written on the Linux PC. I have lost count as to how many times I have started this Linux project. I now have Linux up and running again, but this time on my old PC. I am running on an older AMD Athlon processor, but it appears to have all the horsepower I need for this experiment.

When I was putting Linux up on this PC the last time, my hard drive bit the dust. Yesterday, I picked up a new 80 Gig hard drive from Alex at INFOX. I had looked for some in Panama City, but Alex’s price was better and I thought I would help the local economy.

The SuSE 10.0 install went without a hitch even including the sound module that had been the big hangup with the new motherboard I had purchased. So now I have Windows XP running on the new PC I built and SuSE Linux 10.0 running on the older PC.

Now I can start the learning process all over again. Yep, Deja vu all over again.