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What Is Up With Astrovision In David?

All during March Madness I have had to put up with the C-Band message blocking my picture, telling me that the network was going to Digital and to contact my representative for details. That is channel 53 on Astrovision and provides CBS.

Now today channel 54 is giving me this.
Astrovision Channel 54

I hope they get their act together and I don’t lose any more English broadcasts. Based on the luck (all bad) that my neighbor had with Cable Onda and his Internet service, I am not anxious to change providers. However, when you live in Panama, you have to remain a little flexible and one thing you don’t say is “Never”.

Oh, as an update, when my neighbor took his cable Internet modem back to Cable Onda, he was told that Cable Onda had been having problems with their Internet provider and they were changing providers. Who are they changing to you ask? Cable and Wireless! Go figure.

State of Fear

I finished the book State of Fear by Michael Crichton this afternoon. I enjoyed the book. It is timely because it uses the growing environmental change paranoia as the basis for the book. Since I had watched the recent 60 Minute segment on the environmental change, it was even more interesting.

This is the first novel I can remember reading that was heavily footnoted. It also contains three sections at the end of the book that are interesting. (Author’s message, Appendix I, and Appendix 2). Followed by at least 35 pages of bibliography.

I recommend the book as very entertaining and it will give you plenty to think about. There are enough sources presented by the author for you to do your own evaluation and draw your own conclusions.


Going through some old photos, I came upon this one. Sometimes it is good to look back at your roots and say thanks to those that helped start you in this world. It would have been better if I had done it while more of them were alive.
The Family

From the left rear we have My Aunt Gladys, my dad, my Uncle Paul, my Uncle Harold and my Aunt Irma. On the left front are my Aunt Mary, my granddad, my grandma, and my Uncle Horace. I am not sure when this was taken, but I would guess somewhere around 1935, 1936, 0r 1937. Continue reading Roots

Welcome Back Henry!

I see that Henry (The Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at the Paradise Services Website) has returned and is once again posting on his site and the Yahoo groups. While Henry and I have never met, he assisted me with his Linux expertise when I was bringing up Linux on my new motherboard. Maybe all that stress of assisting a novice in Linux was too much for him and he suffered a heart attack in March 10, 2006.

Well Henry is back and has written about his vacation at Hospital Nacional in Panama City. You can read about it on his website in the Newsletter section. The title of newsletter #50 is “Serious as a Heart Attack”.

Drop in Henry’s site and let him know that you that you are happy he is back. He is still not 100% so don’t stay too long. I think I will hold off a little while before I tell him I am getting ready to crank up my Linux project again, this time on my older PC. Keep that a secret for now, as I don’t want to put him back in the hospital.

Basketball Body Art

While I have really enjoyed March Madness to this point, I find myself getting distracted with all of the tattoos that so many of the players have. My mind drifts off wondering whatever could have been in this player or that player’s mind to think that covering their arms with tattoos improved their appearance or play.

Maybe the football players do the same thing, but they are wearing uniforms that don’t make it easily seen while they play. Basketball uniforms don’t allow the same body art privacy.

And these tattoos that I have seen in March Madness are not some simple scroll with the word “mom” on it. I mean they put these elaborate designs that look like they have started a full body mural.

In the past a person with a tattoo might have been considered a nonconformist. Now it appears that a tattoo is a sign of conformity.

Pistol Pete Maravich

I just watched a special on Pistol Pete Maravich. I had all but forgotten about him. He was probably the most entertaining basketball player I ever watched. He was a true magician on the court. It saddened me today to learn that one of the greatest players to ever play the game, lived so much of his life tormented and unhappy.

I remember when he quit the game and I thought the game would never be the same again. I am glad to learn that before his death, he found the peace and serenity that he had missed for so much of his life.

Born: June 27, 1947. Died: Jan. 5, 1988.
In my book, he was the greatest basketball player that ever played.

Here are some links that provide information on Pistol Pete Maravich:

Let’s Go To The Fair

Let’s go to La Feria de David.

The day was pretty and the temperature was acceptable.

There were several buildings with companies presenting their wares. Did you know that you can buy Amway in Panama?

What is a fair with out crafts?

There were plenty of plants for sale and some very pretty orchids.

One booth was selling fresh honey. The bee hive was there also.

Watermelon was a favorite refreshment.

While I was there, I got to see a little of the horse competition.

I took a walk through the livestock barn.

There is nothing like cotton candy!

I really liked this carved furniture.

Clowns with balloons were there for the kiddos.

There were plenty of rides in the midway.

There was a propane powered car on exhibit.

Plenty of farm tractors were ready to be sold.

All the car dealers had pretty girls showing the cars.

This car was a ZX from China. Price approximately $14,700. This is the company website for the Zhongxing Admiral which is the one in my photo.

I thought this Korean auto looked pretty sharp. It is a Ssangyung KYRON.

You have to have some folkloric dancing.

That was a quick tour. Hope you had fun. For the rest of the photos, go to the 2006 La Feria De David album.