My Spam Response

Dear Barrister William Legro,

I am deeply saddened to learn of Mrs. Walter’s condition and I understand her need to find a person with devout faith in which she can entrust her husband’s wishes.

I can’t tell you how timely Mrs. Karen Walter’s letter is. My flock and I are currently in a major crusade to aid and assist those that are truly downtrodden. The causes of which Mrs. Walter writes coincide with our mission.

Please assure Mrs. Walter that she need worry no longer as you have received a response from one who will see that her wishes are carried out to the letter.

I remain Mrs. Walter’s humble servant.

Reverend Willy Graham

2 thoughts on “My Spam Response

  1. Darn, And I so hoped that they would respond to my responding email. I set up Reverend Willy’s email address just in case.

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