When Does The Straw Break The Camel’s Back?

After posting the last post on VistaPages, I guess I need to set myself a deadline to re-evaluate whether continuing with VistaPages is better than switching to another host. I know VistaPages is a small provider. They are also a priced very low, which at the time I signed up was very important. While my traffic continues growing each month and is far greater than what my first web site had, it is still pretty small in the Internet traffic highway.

I know I did a reasonable search on the Internet before I decided on VistaPages. At least I thought I did. I am quite sure if I had read a lot of negative reviews about VistaPages, I would have not chosen them. I still have hopes that they will start a progressive improvement plan and my concerns will have been unfounded, however, I think I will only give it till the end of June to decide to stay or to leave. What I do is completely in the hands of VistaPages.

I have created a new category called “Web Host Related” which I will start placing all write-ups on what is happening with my VistaPages experience or what I am finding out as I re-look at the web-hosting subject.

2 thoughts on “When Does The Straw Break The Camel’s Back?

  1. Actually, my service has been pretty good for several months. In fact I am up for renewal and plan on staying with vistaPages for another year. At the present time, I have no complaints.

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