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VistaPages (my web host for Chiriqui Chatter) is certainly not doing anything to instill confidence in me in their ability to provide consistent uptime and high quality response time. Over the last few weeks I have had several instances when I have not been able to get into this website (either the blog area or the photo area). Each time I have gone to VistaPage’s website and then to their support page where it says 24/7 support and “Click here for live Assistance”.

When I click for live assistance a chat window opens up and it says that someone will be with me shortly. A while later I will see another message telling me how important I am and that they will be with me shortly. After about 4 of these messages a new window opens up for me to send an offline email detailing the problem.

Each time I have diligently filled out the form with my name, email address, and problem I am having. Now I can understand a web host having temporary problems. I can even understand them being so busy that they can’t respond to the online chat request. What I can’t understand is their never responding via email to any of the messages I have sent.

Yesterday was another of those days. I went through the process I described above. In the message portion, I requested that they respond to my message with an email telling me what type of problem they were having and what they did to solve the problem. I further wrote that if they did not respond to this request, I would put a post on my website about VistaPages and ask any readers that have had problems with my site (very slow, WordPress Unavailability Messages, etc.) or other odd phenomena to let me know by commenting to this post.

I gave them a day to respond, they haven’t and I have now posted as I told them I would.

3 thoughts on “VistaPages and Customer Service

  1. Like you, I have my own sets of problem with Vistapages. I have 3 sites that they are currently hosting with my head site – ( I build webs and DB’s for businesses) being the first I signed up with when Kaumil was still the ONLY person running the site. I am just disgusted and angry as to how they treated me in the span of a month and half without resolving my problem. Believe me, I deal with a lot of web hosting companies and I can honestly and with proof (all my emails and transcript in that month of hell dealing with Josh, Peter and Kaumil are in my inbox still) say that they’re customer service is next to BS, they say they will fix a problem when in fact, they’re just passing time and playing that waiting game. One of the web host co. that I can recommend that I have sites on is NETFIRMS. They are a registrar and a web host so set up is a breeze. I tested their CS and can say it’s adequate.
    Don Ray, you’re lucky if you haven’t had the need to contact their billing, cs and support depts. Hope you will never have to.
    Just as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Yes they are cheap but I would pay twice as much as paying them now just so I don’t have to deal with the stress of dealing with them. All my sites, starting with, in the next couple of months will be transferred to different web hosts. I learned my lesson with this so called web host company. If you need proof email me, I will be glad to post it here, since I probably won’t be around to check this blog in the next weeks or so coz I have to re-do my Kimozabe site.
    Kudos to all. Take care.

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