TexMex Mexican Food

By Don Ray Williams
March 29,2006

Gimme some of them enchiladas, filled with onions and cheese and covered with chili.
Refried beans and Mexican rice, and salsa so hot it makes me silly.
Gimme some of them bean and cheese nachos, with lots of jalapeños on the side,
Gimme some guacamole dip, and tortilla chips freshly fried.

Gimme some steak and shrimp fajitas, smothered in onions and peppers too,
I may even want some beef burritos and a couple tamales before I’m through.
Don’t forget them crispy tacos, damn those suckers sure are good.
And for dessert I’ll want sopapillas and honey, just like you knew I would.

I think I’ll need some margaritas, made with Jose Cuervo and lots of lime.
Toss in some mariachi singers and some señoritas, lookin fine.
Keep that hot sauce coming fellers, and please don’t make me rush.
Food like this I don’t get often, and I luv it oh so much.

13 thoughts on “TexMex Mexican Food

  1. neat poem didn’t know you had that hidden talent. only thing missing was tamales with Texas chill

  2. OMG. Makes me weak in the knees. Grew up on this stuff.

    The part of K.C. Kansas I grew up in had a large Mexican population that had been entrenched for generations (mostly laborers on Santa Fe RR). It had two restaurants and four beer joints (3.2 beer only) in the ‘Mexican Town’ part of town close tto my high school. There was also a taco factory, ‘Spanish Gardens’, that serviced a big part of that part of country.

    About the time I was in Junior H.S. it became the ‘in thing’ to go to ‘Chiefs Restaurant’ and eat tacos (rebellious teeanagers). Parents, most of whom had never even sampled Tex-Mex, were going nuts: “That will make you sick” and “You are going to get poisoned on that stuff”. Or even worse: “You kids will stay out of Mexican Town if you know what’s good for you!”

    We had been told to order Tacos and quickly became hooked. Slowly over a period of months (and maybe years) we expanded our choices to include many of the dishes Don so lovingly describes above. We broadened our tastes based on suggestions from our Mexican classmates and the dumpy old ladies who served as waitresses and had taken us under their wings over the years, even the two who ‘No hable Ingles’.

    I was pleased (and surprised) when I started traveling the U.S. a few years later (USAF) to find other places in the country had ‘discovered’ this cuisine. But I still had some things to learn. I remember the 1st time I ordered tacos and they delivered soft shells (What are these things?). And, “This green glop is called ‘guaca’ what?”, or “What do ya do with this sour cream again?” and “Chicken? In a taco? Who came up with that?” and “Why doesn’t juice drip off your elbow when you eat these tacos?”

    To this day I have never tasted a tamale that is even in the same league as the ones the old Mexican gent sold from his pushcart on the streets of Argentine (K.C., Ks)! And try as hard as I might (not very) cannot see any kind of seafood in MY Mexican food. I am convinced that God no more intended shrimp to be in a taco than he/she did anchovies on a pizza!

    And, while I am at it – God, could you please put just one REAL Tex-Mex restaurant in David, Panama? And, oh yeah, outfit them with at least one salsa that does not taste like pablum. Thanks.

  3. So… I see your review of the restaurant in Volcan was from 2007. Is there any place NOW where we can get good Tex-Mex?

  4. Don Ray

    What happened to the chile rellanos and cervaza? That is all that is missing from this Mexican feast……

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