Let’s Go To The Fair

Let’s go to La Feria de David.

The day was pretty and the temperature was acceptable.

There were several buildings with companies presenting their wares. Did you know that you can buy Amway in Panama?

What is a fair with out crafts?

There were plenty of plants for sale and some very pretty orchids.

One booth was selling fresh honey. The bee hive was there also.

Watermelon was a favorite refreshment.

While I was there, I got to see a little of the horse competition.

I took a walk through the livestock barn.

There is nothing like cotton candy!

I really liked this carved furniture.

Clowns with balloons were there for the kiddos.

There were plenty of rides in the midway.

There was a propane powered car on exhibit.

Plenty of farm tractors were ready to be sold.

All the car dealers had pretty girls showing the cars.

This car was a ZX from China. Price approximately $14,700. This is the company website for the Zhongxing Admiral which is the one in my photo.

I thought this Korean auto looked pretty sharp. It is a Ssangyung KYRON.

You have to have some folkloric dancing.

That was a quick tour. Hope you had fun. For the rest of the photos, go to the 2006 La Feria De David album.

9 thoughts on “Let’s Go To The Fair

  1. OMG! As if I didn’t have reason enough to move to the Republic! I can get my AMWAY there, too!! Shit the bed and stop the presses, I’m movin up my departure date!

  2. Well, I am not sure I would shit the bed over Amway. However, I guess if you have that sort of problem, then Amway can help you clean it up.

  3. Hi Don:

    I love the pictures!!
    I liked the carved furniture too, I wish I was there.
    My husband and I are building a house close to the new shopping center in David, so La Feria will be another place to go shopping for crafts, furniture, and Amway to clean the mess that my three dachshunds would make.
    Thank you for sharing with the world you love for live, and your sense of humor.
    I can see that you really stop and smell the roses, along with a camara!!
    Thank you

  4. Don Ray,
    Glad that you were able to get to the fair this week. This was my first time and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. That beautiful carved furniture from Honduras was a highlight for me – wouldn’t want to be the one dusting it, tho! We had some good food, good entertainment – a great afternoon.
    Enjoyed your pics.

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