Do It Did It!

Yes, Do It Center opened today as promised. Bright beautiful colors, wide aisles, and well stocked shelves. The parking lot wasn’t packed like it was for ARROCHA’s opening, but maybe there aren’t as many people looking for toilet seats or bar-b-ques. I came with a mission to find something, but since I was there I took a few photos.

As I entered, I was greeted with bar-b-ques and patio furniture. Somehow, in this heat, I haven’t wanted to start up fire, so no interest here for me.
Do It Center David

This second shot gives you a perspective of the size if the store.
Do It Center David

Seems like you can find a little bit of everything here. Need a glass dining table? They have them.
Do It Center David

Now I also have a hard tome thinking I would want to get into a hot tub at this time of year. These must be here for those living in Boquete.
Do It Center David

Yes, they have a little bit of everything, except they didn’t have what I went in for. I wanted a long curtain rod, over 114 inches. Those hadn’t arrived and should be in a week from now. I saw one in Econo Hogar that was 125 inches, so I guess I will just cut it to size.
Do It Center David

As I was leaving these two young attractive ladies were passing out Milky Ways. They were kind enough to allow me to take their photos.
Do It Center Senorita

Do It Center Senorita

Hummmm, maybe I could be talked into going into a hot tub.

6 thoughts on “Do It Did It!

  1. That´s great… It is one of my prefered places to buy my tools, it is a great advance for my dear land chiriqui. ..
    Hey, you really keep me update about what happend in chiriqui..thanks!! I saw that wallmart is now in chiriqui too. jejejeje.
    OH…I think I´ve seen this girls before in chiriqui..I guess it was when I was at school. Good pictures!!!!

  2. Reading your blog I can find out exactly what’s happening in Chiriquiland. Your photos make it that much real.

    With girls like that, I’ll buy every Milky Way they’ve got.

    Great post Don. I enjoy dropping by and see what’s going on in David. Yes, March is hot in David, even for us who were born there.



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