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My Spam Response

Dear Barrister William Legro,

I am deeply saddened to learn of Mrs. Walter’s condition and I understand her need to find a person with devout faith in which she can entrust her husband’s wishes.

I can’t tell you how timely Mrs. Karen Walter’s letter is. My flock and I are currently in a major crusade to aid and assist those that are truly downtrodden. The causes of which Mrs. Walter writes coincide with our mission.

Please assure Mrs. Walter that she need worry no longer as you have received a response from one who will see that her wishes are carried out to the letter.

I remain Mrs. Walter’s humble servant.

Reverend Willy Graham

March Madness Missing

Well, it appears that my channel 53 with Astrovision cable is not transmitting. This is the channel that I have used to receive CBS and the March Madness basketball tournament. For several days this channel has been displaying a warning periodically that it was switching to digital on March 30 and to contact my representative. Guess what? The warning of imminent doom has occurred and I am left without my final MM Fix.

Now my only hope is that some of the games might be on ESPN, but I won’t hold my breath. Very likely my only source of information will be after the fact or to catch running scores on the Internet.

Nothing is perfect. Some things less so than others. As a side note, channel 54 is broadcasting the Family channel again. Whoopee!

El Instituto Nacional de Cultura y Alterarte (Translation Test)

I just received the following email:

El Instituto Nacional de Cultura y Alterarte
Curso de Dramaturgia
Biblioteca Pública de David
Sábados 1, 8, 22 y 29 de Abril
9:00a.m. a 4:00p.m.

Para más informes llamar al 774-1851 o 66115754
o escriba a: José Montenegro

Well, my cut at the translation would be something like this:

The National Institute of Culture and Art
A Course in Drama
At the Public Library of David
Saturdays April (1,8,22 and 29)
From 9:00 AM to 4:00PM

For more information call 774-1851 or 6615754
Or email José Montenegro at

Anyone that wants to improve the translation – feel free.

Wouldn’t You Just Know It!

Yesterday, I decided that the new PC had been online long enough and I could take my older PC and turn it into a Linux box. When I did the install my hard drive started failing. I could hear a slight squeak every time it moved the access arm. Before I was able to complete the Linux install the hard drive had completely stopped working.

I turned it off and let it rest for the night and decided to try it one last time. The install stated fine and the hard drive didn’t make any noises, however after about 3 minutes of loading from the DVD to the hard drive the noise is back and I type the Linux install failure message has appeared.

Now I have a new worry. The hard drive in my primary PC is the same age as the failing hard drive. Worry, worry, worry.

When Does The Straw Break The Camel’s Back?

After posting the last post on VistaPages, I guess I need to set myself a deadline to re-evaluate whether continuing with VistaPages is better than switching to another host. I know VistaPages is a small provider. They are also a priced very low, which at the time I signed up was very important. While my traffic continues growing each month and is far greater than what my first web site had, it is still pretty small in the Internet traffic highway. Continue reading When Does The Straw Break The Camel’s Back?

VistaPages and Customer Service

VistaPages (my web host for Chiriqui Chatter) is certainly not doing anything to instill confidence in me in their ability to provide consistent uptime and high quality response time. Over the last few weeks I have had several instances when I have not been able to get into this website (either the blog area or the photo area). Each time I have gone to VistaPage’s website and then to their support page where it says 24/7 support and “Click here for live Assistance”. Continue reading VistaPages and Customer Service

TexMex Mexican Food

By Don Ray Williams
March 29,2006

Gimme some of them enchiladas, filled with onions and cheese and covered with chili.
Refried beans and Mexican rice, and salsa so hot it makes me silly.
Gimme some of them bean and cheese nachos, with lots of jalapeños on the side,
Gimme some guacamole dip, and tortilla chips freshly fried.

Gimme some steak and shrimp fajitas, smothered in onions and peppers too,
I may even want some beef burritos and a couple tamales before I’m through.
Don’t forget them crispy tacos, damn those suckers sure are good.
And for dessert I’ll want sopapillas and honey, just like you knew I would.

I think I’ll need some margaritas, made with Jose Cuervo and lots of lime.
Toss in some mariachi singers and some señoritas, lookin fine.
Keep that hot sauce coming fellers, and please don’t make me rush.
Food like this I don’t get often, and I luv it oh so much.

TGIF Progress

TGIF David
If I am correct, this is going to turn into a TGI Fridays restaurant one of these days. I have no estimated date yet, but my taste buds are hoping it won’t be too many more months.

Here is the TGIF Menu. Now it says “Item availability may vary during lunch and by location.

Which ones do you hope are on the David Menu.

I would like some

Mouthwatering baby back pork ribs served with Friday’s® Fries and Friday’s® Jack Daniel’s sauce for dipping.

Or maybe a

Melted Jack cheese topped with crispy fried jalapeños, fresh pico de gallo and Friday’s® spicy southwestern mayonnaise.

I might even have a

Made with real vanilla beans and layered with white chocolate mousse and shavings. Baked in a vanilla graham-cracker crust and served with whipped cream and a fresh strawberry.

Maybe we should suggest some additional items to put on the menu.

How about Chiriqui Chatter Chops
Veal chops drenched in a white wine and mustard sauce. Served with some of Chiriqui Province’s freshest vegetables.

Or maybe Chiriqui Chatter Baru Sundae
Three huge scoops of vanilla ice-cream covered with hot fudge sauce and sprinkled with walnuts.

And maybe even Chiriqui Chatter Cheese and Onion Enchiladas
Three cheese and onion enchiladas covered with plenty of TexMex chili, and with refried beans and Mexican rice on the side.

Darn, I dun went and made myself hungry!