Parque De Las Madres

While I was waiting on a car to be washed today, I walked over to the Parque De Las Madres (The Mother’s Park) and relaxed. Here are a couple of photos I took of the statue that celebrates all mothers.
Parque de las Madres

Parque de las Madres

While I was sitting there a couple of caballeros rode by.
Cowboys in the Park

Heading on down the road

This is just a normal day in David, Chiriqui.

22 thoughts on “Parque De Las Madres

  1. I like the photos of the park and the comments. I also like the theme or layout. Simple and elegant.

    Which I would sometimes like to say to people at the blog community I belong to, efx2. Because there are a lot of people there who have “discovered” music and videos and things that go blam in the night. And they use it. I need, somehow, to remind them that the most hit on places on the Internet (among them Google and Yahoo) do not use music — just that. LOL

  2. Hi Abe. Thanks for the comment. I think videos can add if they are not over used. I prefer videos that the reader can watch or not watch as they choose.

  3. Hello Don Ray,

    You said: “While I was waiting on a car to be washed today,”

    I would like to know the name of the car wash, maybe is the one that my family owns… The owners are Edgar and Doris Echevers.

    I would like to see some pictures of the establishment, if possible.

    Thanks again for any information and have a nice day!

    ps: I live in Montreal, Canada

  4. Ok, that goes on my “To Do” list.

    If it helps as you are looking at the last photo in this post, the car wash is on the street that is on the right of the photo. It is not the street that the horses are on, but intersects in the middle of the photo.

    It is about a block behind where this photo was taken.

  5. Thanks a lot Don Ray!

    I’m feeling so excited to finally see what the place looks like!

    By the way, they also have a baseball training space attached to the car wash.

  6. Hmmmm. I don’t remember that, but I just pull in and haven’t paid that much attention. I’ll try to get a photo and ask about the owner.

  7. Another detail: The name of car wash is supposed to be: “Dr.Wash”.

    If you don’t find it, then…uhmmm… I’m going to contact my mother to have some clarifications. hahaha

  8. Hello … now the this municipality is restoring the park, the sculpture was originally of bronze and it(she) was painted with black, if sending(parcel) could they photos….

  9. Yes, the Mother´s Park statues have been restored to their original bronze. Someone said: look at the policemen! ( Just in case the statues decide to disappear). Wise decision to assign them to the park, at least during the evening.

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