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Da Capo 4 Saxophones in Chiriquí

I received a request to publish this information on my site. It seems like a reasonable request, so here it is.

Chiriqui Eventos Cultural and the National Institute of Culture
Proudly present

Da Capo 4 Saxophones

Da Capo is a Sax Quartet integrated by:

Moises Hernandez – Saxophone Soprano
Daniel Agudo – Saxophone Alto
Alger Simmons – Saxophone Tenor
Iván Navarro – Saxophone Baryton

The Quartet is integratet by members of different musical agrupation as:
Sinphonic Orchestra of Panama
Municipal Band of Panama
Fire Department Band
Panama University Concert Band
Panama University Sinphonic Orchestra

They participate in the XII Saxophone World Congress in Minneapolis,
Minessota, were they perform diferent pieces of Clasical, Contemporari
and Panamanian Composers.

The receive Master Classes, from the the well know Sax Quartet from
USA “New Century”

They will have 3 concerts in the Province of Chiriquí

Thrusday 26 at the Church “Nuestra Señora de la Caridad” Tickets
available in Farmacia Don Bosco in Volcán.
Friday 27 at the San Juan Bautista Church in Boquete, Tickets
available in the Church office, Bistro Boquete, Ana´s Sweet and
Saturday 28 at the Auditorium of the Province Counsel, Tickets
available at Angel´s Home in Plaza Oteima, Restaurante Cochabamba and
Lavafast No. 1.

Admission: Adults US$10.00 and Children US$5.00

Don´t miss this event.

Antonio M. Singh C.
Director General
Asesoría y Comunicación Integral
Chiriquí Eventos Cultural
Organización de Eventos
Entrega General, David, Chiriquí
Panamá, Rep. de Panamá
Tel. 774-3816
Cel. 6618-2929

Próximos Eventos:
DaCapo 4 Saxofones
26 de enero – Volcán
27 de enero – Boquete
28 de enero – David

Da Capo 4 Saxofones

Da Capo es un Cuarteto de Saxofones integrado por:

Moises Hernandez – Saxofon Soprano
Daniel Agudo – Saxofon Alto
Alger Simmons – Saxofon Tenor
Iván Navarro – Saxofon Baritono

Da Capo está integrado por músicos activos en diversas agrupaciones
musicales tales como la Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional, Banda Municipal
de Panamá, Banda de Música del Cuerpo de Bomberos, Banda de
Conciertos de la Universidad de Panamá, Orquesta Sinfónica de la
Universidad Nacional, Big Bands y agrupaciones de cámara. Ha realizado
conciertos en diversas regiones del país .
Ha participado en el XII Congreso Mundial de Saxofones en Minneapolis,
Minnesota, ejecutando variados repertorios de música clásica ,
contemporánea y de compositores panameños. Se ha presentado en el
XIII Foro de Compositores del Caribe y en RTVE. También ha tenido la
oportunidad de recibir clases maestras del reconocido cuarteto
norteamericano “New Century”.
Actualmente este cuarteto se concentra en consolidar nuevos proyectos
de carácter cultural que lo proyecten tanto a nivel nacional como en
el extranjero.

Este grupo hará 3 presentaciones en la Provincia.

Jueves 26 de enero en la Iglesia “Nuestra Señora de la Caridad”
Boletos de venta en Farmacia Don Bosco en Volcán.
Viernes 27de enero en la Iglesia San Juan Bautista de Boquete, Boletos
de Venta en la Oficina Parroquial, Bistro Boquete, Ana´s Sweet y
Sábado 28 de enero en el Adutorio del Consejo Provincial, Boletos de
Venta en Angel´s Home en Plaza Oteima, Restaurante Cochabamba y
Lavafast No. 1.

Entrada: Adultos B/.10.00 Niños y Estudiantes B/.5.00

No se puede perder este evento.

Para informes: 774-3816 6618 -2929

Antonio M. Singh C.
Director General
Asesoría y Comunicación Integral
Chiriquí Eventos Cultural
Organización de Eventos
Entrega General, David, Chiriquí
Panamá, Rep. de Panamá
Tel. 774-3816
Cel. 6618-2929

Próximos Eventos:
DaCapo 4 Saxofones
26 de enero – Volcán
27 de enero – Boquete
28 de enero – David

What IS Your Motivation

If you are reading this, you are probably living in Panama or considering moving to Panama. I sometimes wonder what the different reasons are that cause people to make such a big move to a new country and a new culture. For me it has really been an adventure. However, I have to admit that sometimes I find myself missing friends, family and the amenities that are so abundant in the US.

Someday, I might consider moving back, but for now Panama is my home and where I have my friends.

Il Gelatiere – I Gotta Get Me Some Of That!

The other day I was in Panama City and I went into the best Ice-cream adventure I have ever entered. The name for you to remember is Il Gelatiere. I consider myself pretty much a connoisseur of ice-cream, and I could hurt myself there. I wasn’t driving, so I can’t give directions, but it is worth checking out. I also didn’t have my camera with me and I promise to provide photos the next time I go — which I hope isn’t too far in the future.

The family that runs the heladeria/refesqueria, is from Italy and all the recipes were brought with them from Italy. I counted and there were 38 flavors available and I was told that they just 38 of a possible 50 that you might find there.

Besides ice-cream – as if you need anything else, they have great cheesecakes and other dulces. If you want sandwiches or pizzas, you can have that too. I am telling you, it is not safe to go there if you are hungry.

If you live in Panama City, they also have a car wash across the street that will take care of your car while you are taking care of your belly.

Photos will come the next time I am in Il Gelatiere. The address on the card I picked up is as follows:

TELS.: 226-3523 / 226-3559

Tell them you read about them here.

Death and Taxes

They say that there is nothing certain in this world but death and taxes. Well, I am almost certain that my death someday will be a result of doing taxes. I would have thought that taxes should be easier when you have less income and very few sources, but I have a heck of a time getting the documents I need each year to file. And this year having changed mail providers, I have to believe it is going to be worse.

From now until I get the document sent out to meet the April 15th deadline, I will be a basket case, I really don’t care for this process each year.

Bocas del Toro Species Database

Marie of Disarranging Mine sent me an email telling me to check out the Smithsonian Institute’s database of species residing in Bocas del Toro.

The Smithsonian Institute states the goal of this database as follows:

This database aims to provide a list of plants and animals that are known to occur in the Bocas del Toro Archipelago, the Bahía Almirante, Laguna de Chiriquí, and the surrounding mainland on the Caribbean coast of Panama. Users can search for a particular term or browse the database by group. When available descriptions and photographs have been included to aid in species identification. We hope that this database is useful for scientists planning work at the Bocas del Toro Research Station, field workers trying to identify organisms they have seen in the field, and students working in this part of Panama.”

The database has entries in the animal, plant, and fungi kingdoms. If you live in Bocas or are planning on moving to Bocas you may find this interesting. Some of the entries have photos and others don’t. Some of you living in the Bocas area might want to assist and send in photos to the Smithsonian Institute for the species that do not have photos.

Thanks again to Marie for bringing this database to my attention.

Happy New Year from Panama!

I just watched CNN show calibrations from all over the world as 2006 was welcomed. I guess by what I just watched, David’s calibration was pretty tame. However, it was a blast. Panamanians have a real addiction to fireworks and taking a 360 view of David at midnight, showed fireworks going off everywhere around the city.

I don’t know if it is customary all over Panama, but in this part of David they prepare for 2006 by having a nice meal prior to midnight. I am not sure that I will continue that tradition next year. I was stuffed as the count to midnight began and I still had to down the 12 grapes.
Last meal of 2005

Seems like all I have done lately is eat. Guess my resolutions for 2006 needs to include one on eating less.

Naw, that is a bad idea.