Il Gelatiere Revisited

As promised, I made another trip to Il Gelatiere in Panama City and this time I took my camera

Il Gelatiere is at the corner of Ave. Belisario Porras and Calle Porras in San Francisco.
Il Gelatiera

Opposite Il Gelatiere is the a car wash that will put a shine on your car while you are polishing off some of the rich ice cream across the street.

Carwash 1

Car wash 2

When you enter Il Gelatiere you are going to have some tough decisions to make.

Il Gelatiere entry

Don’t worry. Take your time. You can have pizza, sandwiches, or other specials of the day, or you can head direct to the dessert area like me.

Since I considered this an epicurean dessert expedition, I decided to try out several things. I think it was also a scientific experiment to see how much stress my belt could handle. My first decision was whether to try the pie or the cheesecake. There were several other cakes and also brownies, but I narrowed it down to those two.


I chose the cheesecake.


Next I felt that cheesecake might need some ice cream and I took a look at the flavors available for the day.

icecream 1

icecream 2

icecream 3

Some days you just have a tough time making decisions and this was one of those days for me. Then I noticed that I could get a banana split and that was my choice. Then came the question of what ice cream should go on the banana split.

You can always go with the standard vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, but I didn’t feel like standard. Instead I took a dip of Favorite
(my current favorite), a dip of Mint Cookie, and becoming stressed with these tough decisions, reverted to standard Vanilla for the last scoop. Now I had to decide on the topping (Chocolate syrup, Strawberry syrup, or Caramel syrup). I went with Strawberry.

Cheesecake and a banana split – the perfect stress test for my belt. Now that I have turned this into a scientific experiment I have an excuse to go back and see if changing the flavors has any effect.

Gosh, I didn’t know science could be so much fun.

9 thoughts on “Il Gelatiere Revisited

  1. Hay Mr. Im from chiriqui, I really admire your journal….because show many diferents topics and about all, show how beautiful is my dear land chiriqui…well thanks for reporting about this place here in pma city, because I didn´t know about it. Now I live in panama city by cause of studies.

  2. Nunca he estado en Panamá y no conozco su tienda, pero un amigo mio pasó por allí recientemente y me dijo que los pasteles y los helados que vds. venden son de los mejores que se puedan encontrar en Panama. Me recomendó especialmente el flan de casa, y los helados artesanales, que el dice son muy deliciosos. Pero el me dijo que por el precio que Vds cobran, las bolas son demasiado pequeñas.

  3. It depends on what you consider good. There are several that serve Bonlac and Estrella Azul. That is about as good as it gets in David and Boquete. I consider it fair to good, but not what I prefer.

  4. Don ,as you are from Texas , or visit Texas, how does those compare to lets say “the little creamery in Brenham”? Blue Bell, my favorite…I consider it good.

  5. Blue Bell blows away any Costa Rican or Panamanian supermarket ice cream. One thing Chiriqui could use is a really good ice cream store. When I want some good ice cream I buy a pint of Haagen Dazs at El Rey. However in Panama City, this is an excellent ice cream. It comes from an Italian base and I eat as much as I can when I am in Panama City. This location also sells to several sites around Panama City that sell it under their own name.

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