Reflection on Evolution

I spent yesterday reading “Learning PHP 5” by Donald Sklar for O’REILLY books. It is a very well written book and I understand a lot more about the language that WordPress is written in. I plan on trying a lot of the exercises in the book as soon as I get my Linux PC put together. WordPress is the product I use for Chiriqui Chatter.

However, the real reason I mention this is that I was reading the book on a patio here in Panama City and it was rather warm. I could feel sweat running down my arms and the expression “sweating like a pig” popped into my mind.

Well I associated this thought with the fact that I was continuing my pursuit of PC knowledge, which in turn made me think of my previous post about the evolution of man. This made me think that perhaps there was some truth in the two theories, but somehow I had come upon another path which was the merging of the two. What a frightening thought – a fat pig sitting front of a keyboard.

Upon further thought I remembered that pigs really don’t sweat because they don’t have sweat glands. This gave me some consolation. Nonetheless, I still think I will take a walk today to try to loose a few pounds that I have put on over the last month. Maybe I put on a few pounds this month, because I have been eating like a horse and horses do sweat. Hmmmm, another theory emerges.

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