Furniture City is Open!?

My sources tell me that Furniture City is now open in Plaza El Terronal in David. I also understand that with all the construction, that there have been many electrical and telephone outages in the area close to the Plaza. Well, nothing is perfect – somethings less perfect than others. While I have been here in Panama City, I have learned that the city has been working on the water supply and for the last few weeks. They shut off water on Friday night and turned it back on Saturday night. That was until I got here. For the celebration of my return, they shut off the water on Friday night and didn’t turn it on until yesterday morning.

For 1 ½ days I have smelled like a walking deodorant stick. Hey, it could have been worse. Since this isn’t that uncommon a situation, the citizens of Panama City are usually prepared (for the water outtage – not my smelling like a deodorant stick). They have buckets of water to take care of the inessential things such a bathing, toilet flushing and water for drinking. Hotels, hospitals, and many homes have reserve tanks that have water that will last for several days. While it is a small nuisance, it does allow you to become much better acquainted with your neighbors.

Today I have hopes to go to my Panama Italian Ice Cream parlor and sample a few more flavors. I have my camera, so photos will follow when I get to David and have time to post them. Enjoy your day. I think I will take a shower while I know there is still water.

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