What IS Your Motivation

If you are reading this, you are probably living in Panama or considering moving to Panama. I sometimes wonder what the different reasons are that cause people to make such a big move to a new country and a new culture. For me it has really been an adventure. However, I have to admit that sometimes I find myself missing friends, family and the amenities that are so abundant in the US.

Someday, I might consider moving back, but for now Panama is my home and where I have my friends.

9 thoughts on “What IS Your Motivation

  1. Panama seems so exotic and so far away. I can only dream of moving there. Don, I read your blog because of you. I think it’s fascinating that you moved to another country. As far as I know, you’re not a movie star or a rock star – the kind of people we don’t think twice about moving away. I’ve just really enjoyed reading about your life and journey.

  2. Maybe if you live in Panama City you would not miss the amenities, but it is different. People are different, and we’ve got lots of them from all over the world. Isn’t that beautiful? 🙂

  3. Actually, when you get right down to it, I guess I have all I really need here in David. I do miss seeing my grandkids grow up. What I want to do in the future is still to be determined,

  4. My first trip to Panama will be this week. I’ll spend 9 days seeing what I can in that period, deciding on where I would like to retire and live. I’ve never been a big-city person so I’m looking at smaller towns in the Chiriqui area. I plan to find a place to rent for several months, before I make a commitment to purchasing. I like the idea of living in Panama because I believe I can live there so much cheaper than living in the US, and even have a little left over to see some of the world, and because it will be such an exotic place compared to the dry New Mexico deserts. I can’t wait to explore Panama’s wonderful attractions!

  5. Hi Don,

    I am writing an article on Americans retiring and moving Panama.
    Somewhere around Feb. 1, I’ll be in David, traveling with a couple who are considering doing exactly that.
    I have found your web blog to be a great source of information, thanks! For a self proclaimed country boy, you have a nice sense of writing style.
    I’ll be glad to mention your site in my piece. Would you be interested in hearing thier comments?
    Hey, maybe we can meet you for lunch at Cafe Don Sui? At those prices I’ll even offer to treat!

  6. Hi Brooks. Thanks for the kind words. Feel free to mention my blog in you article. I am pleased to hear that some of the information in my blog actually has some merit. Drop me an email when you are in David and I’ll try to meet you at Cafe Don Sui.

  7. Hi Don,

    Internet has been more difficult than I hoped. We are in Azuerro prov.
    However we will be in David tomorow- perhaps dinner at Cafe Don Sui
    round 7p.m?

    Realize this is short notice and not 100 percent sure even when we can show up
    but hopefully we´ll see you there.

    Really appreciate the page anyway.

  8. Now is probably not the best time for me. Like the butcher that backed into his blade, I have gotten a little behind in my work. I think right now I will have to take a rain check.

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