Il Gelatiere – I Gotta Get Me Some Of That!

The other day I was in Panama City and I went into the best Ice-cream adventure I have ever entered. The name for you to remember is Il Gelatiere. I consider myself pretty much a connoisseur of ice-cream, and I could hurt myself there. I wasn’t driving, so I can’t give directions, but it is worth checking out. I also didn’t have my camera with me and I promise to provide photos the next time I go — which I hope isn’t too far in the future.

The family that runs the heladeria/refesqueria, is from Italy and all the recipes were brought with them from Italy. I counted and there were 38 flavors available and I was told that they just 38 of a possible 50 that you might find there.

Besides ice-cream – as if you need anything else, they have great cheesecakes and other dulces. If you want sandwiches or pizzas, you can have that too. I am telling you, it is not safe to go there if you are hungry.

If you live in Panama City, they also have a car wash across the street that will take care of your car while you are taking care of your belly.

Photos will come the next time I am in Il Gelatiere. The address on the card I picked up is as follows:

TELS.: 226-3523 / 226-3559

Tell them you read about them here.

5 thoughts on “Il Gelatiere – I Gotta Get Me Some Of That!

  1. Just read about the ice cream place in Panama City,
    I’m going there this week and going to try to find it.
    You flung a craving on me!

  2. I now have my camera and will try to take some photos today. I probably will not get them put up until later this week since I am away from my computer.

    I feel certain you will enjoy the icecream and other items.

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