Happy New Year from Panama!

I just watched CNN show calibrations from all over the world as 2006 was welcomed. I guess by what I just watched, David’s calibration was pretty tame. However, it was a blast. Panamanians have a real addiction to fireworks and taking a 360 view of David at midnight, showed fireworks going off everywhere around the city.

I don’t know if it is customary all over Panama, but in this part of David they prepare for 2006 by having a nice meal prior to midnight. I am not sure that I will continue that tradition next year. I was stuffed as the count to midnight began and I still had to down the 12 grapes.
Last meal of 2005

Seems like all I have done lately is eat. Guess my resolutions for 2006 needs to include one on eating less.

Naw, that is a bad idea.

7 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Panama!

  1. Hello,

    In Stockholm, Sweden New Year´s Eve was celebrated in heavy snowfall and minus 2 degrees Celsius. Apart from that it was pretty much like in David I guess with fire works and good food!

    Happy New 2006 / Ingemar

  2. I have also celebrated New Year’s Eve in a colder environment in Texas, Missouri , and Virginia. I always liked the look of the snow, but I prefer the weather here in Panama.

  3. Glad to hear you had a relatively quiet time in David on New Year’s. We opted to spend the weekend keeping an eye on our place in Playa Las Lajas – we should’ve known what to expect by the size of the stage they put in at the Club Lajas, but… on New Year’s Eve the “music” – techno I think they call it – began at 9 pm and blared on until 6:30 am. Then at 9 am, they fired it up again until midnight. I’m sure there was some seismic activity registered somewhere from the bass-line of this “music”.
    Add this to the steady stream of traffic – and fumes – from the thousands of day-trippers coming for their annual day at the beach… well, I think we would’ve preferred the fireworks!
    Cheers and Happy New Year to you and yours.

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