David Auto Service Update

On November 5th, I wrote that I needed to have a car’s front end aligned. I originally wanted to go to MARCONELA AUTOSERVICIOS, but it was closed. I went to SERVICENTRO ROBINSON as a substitute. As it turns out, I should have waited and gone to my first choice. After less than 4000 miles the rear tires on the car that I had aligned are showing tremendous wear. Since there had been even wear on all tires prior to the work by SERVICENTRO ROBINSON, I can only assume that they did a faulty job.

Today, I went to MARCONELA AUTOSERVICIOS and had the same job done again. I will see how this work compares in another 4,000 miles. I have to say that I liked the price better. I paid $18.90 today for the same thing (Alignment, tire rotation and balance) compared to $23.00 at SERVICENTRO ROBINSON.

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