Whole Lot Of Shaking Going ON!

At around 1:27 PM, we had a pretty good temblor/earthquake. I have read that we have had a couple of others recently, but this is the first I have felt. I have a couple pendulum clocks that both stopped when it happened.

I haven’t found it on the Internet yet so it will probably be recorded later.


3 thoughts on “Whole Lot Of Shaking Going ON!

  1. Hi Don! Yes, yes! It was short and strong. I took a taxi to get the sticker for my license plate (of course I waited for the last day!). Since the car was in motion I didn´t feel it much, BUT I saw the things in the street falling to the ground. Then, when I got to the building every person was talking about it.

    Felíz Año Nuevo!
    P.S. The baby is lovely 🙂

  2. Hi Don,
    I felt it too – I was sitting in the Movilstar offices at the time & watched their Christmas tree ornaments swaying. Friends were in a car dealership and wondered why the employees were all running for the doors!
    I’ve been watching news outlets & internet for mention of it, but have found none. However, relatives & friends in WA. and B.C. heard about it and have written and called.

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