A Little Late Is Panama Normal

Plaza El Terronal was scheduled to open around December 15, 2005. Obviously that date has come and gone. However, that is not that uncommon for construction in Panama. A house completing within three months of the scheduled date, is pretty good. For a construction such as Plaza El Terronal, it will probably take more. Since the Christmas season is over, I could easily see this going into March before anything of substance is in and ready for business.

I heard of one man that came to Chiriqui (I don’t remember if it was in Boquete) and bought some land to build on. He then paid a builder to build his house while he returned to his home country. He returned six months later expecting to see his house almost complete. He found his land untouched and found that the person who had contracted to build his house had disappeared. In Panama you never pay up front for a project.

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  1. Hi Don! Just had to comment on this story, which is so very typical of stories we’ve heard since coming to Latin America. Would this man have done the same thing back “home”? Unlikely. However, people seem to feel that places like Panama are a kinder, gentler place and that they’re in no danger of being scammed; its almost as if they check their common sense at the border.
    Perhaps this man’s builder was the same one we had originally contacted to build our house – once he discovered that a) we weren’t going anywhere and b) that we actually expected him to work, he changed his cell phone number.
    Please don’t get me started on the architect!

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