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I don’t know about you, but I hate spending time going through multiple menus on the telephone to get to speak to a human. Living in Panama, it is even worse if you need to call a company in the US, because the 800 numbers are not valid. While some credit card companies allow you to call collect, some don’t. Besides, who wants to wait forever to get to talk to a real person?

This morning I happened to tune into news interview with Paul English who has put out a cheat sheet on how to get to a real person. Paul has categories for “us finance”, “us government”, “us insurance”, “us pharmacy”, “us products”, “us retail”, “us shipping”, “us technology”, “us telco”, “us travel”, and “us tv/satellite”.

As an example, if you need to call Discover ant talk to a real person, you would enter ****. If you are living in Panama or moving to Panama, I would suggest you bookmark Paul’s URL or print a copy for your file. It could save you a lot of time on hold or fighting computer menus.

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  1. Have you heard of “vonage”? we´ve got one of those lines here with a number in FL. For a flat monthly fee you can talk as much as you want, and even spend time waiting in one of those telephone menus! Hugs,

  2. I haven’t found a real need to have Vonage. I do pretty well just using the pay as you go cell phones. I try to wait till the company is having a 4×1 minute promotion and buy my cards then. I rarely ever spend more than $20 a month on phone cards and over time I have a pretty good surplus of minutes. That usually takes care of birthday calls to the US or calls for Christmas, and even the on hold calls.

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