Christmas In Panama – 2005

I had a wonderful invitation to spend Christmas in Panama. It was an experience I hadn’t expected and one that was most enjoyable Christmases I have spent in some time. Of course Christmas is for kids and my host’s two children were anxious for Santa to arrive.
Where is Santa?

In Panama City, the Christmas celebration begins at the strike of midnight. As December 25 enters you find the sky of Panama City filled with fireworks. It started close to midnight and went for at least 10 minutes. I have never seen fireworks on Christmas before, but it is a tradition in Panama City. I wasn’t set up for night photography, but I did capture a couple photos.
Fireworks 1

Fireworks 2

Christmas day was an extremely pretty day. You can see the Pacific Ocean and new high-rise apartments being constructed in this shot.
Beautiful view

The noon meal was a traditional meal for my hosts. There was plenty of ham, chicken, rice, plantain, potato salad, lasagna, and my cheesecake. What, you have never heard of lasagna for Christmas? Well, one of the grandmothers of host is from Italy and she makes lasagna every Christmas. It was one of the best lasagnas I have ever eaten.
Let's Eat.

Good food, great hospitality, magnificent view. It was a Christmas to remember.

11 thoughts on “Christmas In Panama – 2005

  1. Hi:

    I just read your post about Christmas in Panama. I’m from Panama, and know exactly what you are talking about. Yes, we like to display lots of fireworks for Christmas. I think, we inherited that tradition from the Chinese population who do that in Taiwan and China. Firecrackers are also heard all through the month of December.

    Regarding food, we like to eat plenty during Christmas Eve. Our family has a Christmas dinner exactly at midnight, as well as on New Year. Apples and grapes are very popular as well as fruit cakes.

    I’m glad you liked your stay in Panama. BTW, I just posted an article about Panama in my site (Epiac’s Place), in case you have spare time to take a look.

    BTW, I’m writing this post in Panama City, in Tumba Muerto, on the outskirts of Panama City.

    Happy New Year,


  2. I really enjoyed hearing about your trip but i would have liked to hear more of what their traditions are and how tey got in place. It was a fun article but it wasn’t what i was looking for. So thanks for nothing!

  3. If you were looking for that then I am sure you were disappointed, however blogs are usually daily thoughts or journals of the author, not necessarily research information for students for class papers. Now if you were seriously looking for information and hadn’t been rude in your request, you would probably have found a source who would have helped you.

  4. Your visit to Panama was read with interest. I have been invited to spend Christmas with my Son, daughter, and grandchildren in Panama with her parents. She is no longer my daughter in law, she is my daughter. I am curious about the weather there at Christmas. I am wondering if I will “roast to death” there. Can you tell me about the weather. Beyond the weather, the rest of the three weeks will be viewed with interested eyes.

  5. Christmas Day was pretty much like one in the US. Presents around the tree, Christmas lunch with my Panama family.

    I guess the only thing I didn’t do was watch football, which was available on TV.

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