Happy Holidays From Panama

Photo by Leslie from the Yahoo Panama Forum Group site

Well it is December 22, 2005 and I haven’t sent out any Christmas Greetings. That being the case, I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone that reads this blog the happiest holiday season ever. I hope you can all spend a wonderful time with family or friends. Lets all hope that 2006 brings more peace and happiness into the world. For the ones you hold dear, tell them how much you care. You never know when you may have waited too long and will miss the opportunity.

Don Ray

My thanks go out to Leslie from the Yahoo Panama Forum group site for allowing me to use her photo of this beautiful parrot.

13 thoughts on “Happy Holidays From Panama

  1. Don – Thanks for the holiday wishes. We’re having beautiful weather in Denver. Our system has been in production for over 15 months and doing well. I am not traveling to Austin this year to see my friends. I’ll be holding down the fort at the office so that the other managers can be home with family. Take care. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. mary

  2. Hi Don!

    We hope you have a wonderful holiday also. We are getting ready for our
    last in house meal tonight. A group is coming out to celebrate Christmas.
    They are having steaks and marinated chicken. It is a very festive occasion
    a candlelight meal. They have the last one because they ordered so late. I
    just about said no but we said O.k. So I better get going. Enjoy the holidays.


  3. Don,
    Thank you very much for the Christmas greetings and Phyllis and I do hope you are having some real fun. We are doing pretty well, got Ariel married off and through nursing school and even a job. We are not too sure about how long the marriage will last, but that is another story.

    Things are pretty much the same at EDS, bean counters alive and well and seem to be running the company. Some parts are showing hope, however.

    Please take care and our very best to you for a wonderful Christmas and and even greater new year.

    George and Phyllis

  4. Merry Christmas Don,

    Suzanne and I have a contract on our home here in the Sequatchie Valley of the Cumberland Plateau just north of Chattanooga, TN. We plan to move closer to HotLanta in the spring when we close. Just not a lot of work here in the mountains for a 60 year old telecom guy.

    Best wishes to you and yours for a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

    Personal Regards,


  5. Don, nice to hear from you and hear you are doing well. We are in Virginia for Christmas and return to Florida Dec 29th. Snow and cold up here in the mountains, however, it suppose to warm up today and rain on Christmas. We have some of my family and some of Charlotte’s visiting us. Hope all is well with you in the New Year. Joe

  6. Don….. we hope you have a nice Christmas Season with the people you love. You’ve been very nice with us… thank you 🙂
    Sending a BIG WARM HUG….

  7. We had a good Christmas here in Snyder. Meredith and Bruce were here the weekend of the 18th and Bill, Robin, Hannah and Abigail were here this weekend. I think we broke all kind of records for warm weather. The high of the day was 80. We are having a heat wave with no rain in sight. We haven’t had rain since September.

    We wish you a Great 2006. We are planning on having a great 2006.

  8. Don, Greetings from Virginia.

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas. Maybe we can get together for lunch when we get to Boquete next week. Thanks for your interesting blog.

    Ron and Kim Miller

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