Monthly Archives: November 2005

Xbox Has Hit The Shelves In The US

I see that Microsoft’s next volley to conquer its Japanese competitor Sony and Sony’s Play Station has hit the shelves in the US today. I am curious if it is in Panama City. I have seen no sign of it in David.

I think the new Windows Live is intended to be a major tool for connecting the Xbox to the Internet. Gaming over the Internet has continued to grow and from what I read is moving off the PC and to pure gaming machines.

Sony will release next year. It will be interesting to see how much ground Microsoft will make up having this much head start on the next generation gaming console. Just think, this all started with a game called “Pong”.

Years from today, people will ask, “Where were you on November 22?” The answer will be, “I was in line to buy an XBox”.

Felipe Rodriguez

I had heard that Felipe Rodriguez did the service for Honda in David. Since I was on foot, I decided to stop in and ask. The fellow I talked to at the front of the store that primarily deals with selling tires, wasn’t sure what the service area did, so he took me out to talk to service manager. The service manager was a little noncommittal. He said he would check back with the home office and see what the current position is. At least that is what I understood from listening to him talk in Spanish. Shoot, he might have been telling me, that if I had voted for Bush, they wouldn’t service anything I had. He did take my email address and said he would contact me in a day or so. I have better odds than had I given him my cell phone number. You can see from the photo that they have a bunch of service bays on the left side of the store. I’ll keep you posted on what I find out about Honda service. If anyone that already knows reads this, drop me a note. *** The service company in David is Grupo Tambor.
Felipe Rodriguez