Flame or Flameout

Flame or Flameout
By Don Ray Williams
November 30, 2005

How does one know when love is real,
That it is more than passion that we feel?
Is there some test that one can trust,
To know that it is love, not lust?

I’ve asked this question, maybe you have too,
I’ve asked it till my face turned blue,
I have searched for answers high and low,
It seemed the more I’d search, the less I’d know.

Finally, a very good friend explained to me,
That knowing true love is really easy.
She equated love to the life of a flame
When she first said this, I thought her insane.

She said when a flame is weak and a breeze comes along,
Then the flame flickers and soon it is gone.
But if the flame is strong and another breeze flows,
Its effect on the flame is that the flame simply grows.

Love is the flame and life’s events are the breeze,
Love will grow or diminish based on the strength that it sees.
Strong love will survive the worst that may come,
While weak love needs little, before it is gone.

So if you wonder if you are in love, not merely in lust,
Just give it some time, and in time you must trust,
That life’s breeze is a blessing, and nothing to fear,
Lust will extinguish, but true love will appear.

2 thoughts on “Flame or Flameout

  1. Now this poem of yours put tears in my eyes.

    The human being and deep lovefeelings and understanding of love is same despite where you live, but it is a big difference, how each as the individual is able to feel and understand it.

    Many thanks to You.

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