Gracias To All That Recommended Dr. Octavio Ortega Barraza

Dentist Office Photo
I hate going to the dentist. I mean, I really hate it! I had been going to Dr. Jeffrey Joyner when I lived in Boquete. When I moved to David I decided I needed to consider someone here to avoid the trip as well as the gasoline expense.

I started asking around for dentist recommendations first on the Yahoo Panama groups and had three recommendations and one negative advisory. I then went to some of my local friends in Panama and asked again. One name came out on top (both in Yahoo and locally) and I saw him today.

I was supposed to go for my last cleaning in September and this being the end of November (basically 3 months late), I was pretty nervous. I had noticed a little bleeding of the gums and knew I needed to go now.

I decided I had postponed the visit long enough and was determined to go today. Here are the directions to his office. If you are on the one-way street that goes by the Gran National Hotel Theaters, turn left just past the theaters. Drive to the next corner and across the street on your left is the office. Here is the Dentist’s business card with all the pertinent information.
Dr. Octavio Ortega Barraza Business Card

I take my seat in the chair of anxiety. I give the doctor my dental history. He speaks very good English. He gave my teeth a thorough look-see and said there didn’t appear to be much problem. He said my gums appeared to be a little inflamed, but that could be taken care of with a 5-minute mouth rinsing with salt water before going to bed for a period of 15 days. He then proceeded to clean my teeth using an ultrasonic water cleaner follow by the standard metal pick (the one I never like, but know is required). I mention this, because Dr. Joyner never used the metal pick, only ultrasonic water. I believe both do a better job.

He said to see him in 6 months. My heart rate is now at a normal pace again and pleased with the dentist that had the most recommendations. There may be others as good and he is, but he is as good as any I ever went to in the states. The charge for my visit was $25. Dr. Joyner always charged $45. I guess that is because more gringos live in Boquete and they don’t take the time to find out what is available in David.

I am one happy camper for another 6 month.

3 thoughts on “Gracias To All That Recommended Dr. Octavio Ortega Barraza

  1. Thanks for the good info on the Dentist.
    Just curious why did you move to David from Boquette?
    Every guide book speaks more highly of the climate and scenery in Boquette…
    We are visiting Chiriqui in late January and considering buying property to relocate there
    from the States.

  2. You can’t beat the climate and the scenery in Boquete. If you can afford the property there it will be a wonderful place to live. Boquete is undergoing tremdous growth. This growth is skyrocketing land prices. My ability to buy there has been greatly reduced and I like being closer to all of the stores in David. If I want to see the Boquete or Volcan landscapes once in a while, I just take a weekend drive.

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